Published by Stefan Karlsson on 2007-11-27

Open Swedish Team Championship 2007 was played this weekend 24-25 November at YWCA-YMCA in Stockholm.

We played a 7 Round Robin system, and the Estonian team played great as usual. They won all matches and lost only two individual points. J?nk?ping became the Swedish Team champions as the best Swedish team.

Besides the five Swedish teams and the Estonian team, we also had the pleasure to host Ales Rybka and Monica Zowadowa from Czech Republic. They formed a team together with Hans Sj?stedt.

As the tradition prescribes we also elected the "best fighter" for his/her team. This year Katarina Andersson in the team "Bluffeliten" was awarded for strong play and good spirit within her team.


1. Estland (T.Taimla, A.Purk, T.Ilu, K.J?rman) 16
2. J?nk?ping (M.Carlsson,P.Jonsson,R.Sandstr?m) 11?
3. LIRK+Blockmongot (M.Eriksson,E.Warner,B.Asplund) 10?
4. Beer Team (M.Zowadowa,A.Rybka,H,Sj?stedt) 9?
5. STORK (B.Lind,T.Blomstedt,D,Nyg?rds,I.Karlsson/S.Karlsson) 7
6. Bluffeliten (J.Hallqvist,J.Theimer,K.Andersson) 6?
7. S-laget (M.Sj?gren,B.Levinson,J.Fanell) 2

Stockholm the 26th of November 2007,
Stefan Karlsson

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