Published by Ants Soosõrv on 2007-11-12

Russian First League ended yesterday. Top 13 was following:

1. Alexander Kadulin (Poduga) 9
2. Maxim Karasyov (Nizhnii Novgorod) 8,5
3. Aivo Oll (Estonia) 8
4. Mikk Oblikas (Estonia) 8
5. Egor Serdyukov (Poduga)8
6. Pavel Vershinin (Poduga/ Vologda)7
7. Pavel Salnikov (Sankt-Petersburg)7
8. Artyom Merkulov (Poduga)7
9. Sergey Artemyev (Sankt-Petersburg)7
10. Vladimir Filinov (Sankt-Petersburg)7
11. Karen Sirategyan (Moscow) 7
12. Johann Lents (Estonia) 6,5
13. Maxim Arevkov (Sankt-Petersburg) 6,5

First 9 players got place in Russian High League, next 4 are reserve players.
From last High League have places Vladimir Sushkov, Konstantin Chingin, Ants Soosyrv, Konstantin Nikonov, Mikhail Lysakov and Yulia Savrasova. Ants Soosyrv declared already before First League that he will not play in High League. 15th and 16 th place in HL will be filled by player from Russian East regions and by player who will win sponsorplace.

Kadulin was leading all the competition, showing again his powerful play.
I really admire Pavel Salnikov, who was player, organiser and player at the same time, so after making move he always ran always somewhere to do other things.
Victor Balabhay and Dmitry Epifanov were very much helping with computerthings. Unfortunately yesterday we coudnt enter to to input games, hopefully Mr. Balabhay can finish full tournament table ( as soon as possible
If You look games and find mistakes, please tell it to Ants Soosyrv ( If you look times in games, please note that in Russia they write time what was left after end of game, not time used for thinking!

Friendly, Ants Soosyrv, main referee

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