Published by Stefan Karlsson on 2007-10-21

Open Swedish Team Championship 2007 in renju & gomoku
(the tournament is open for foreign players and teams)

Time: 24-25 November 2007, start at approx. 10.00 o?clock on Saturday.

Registration: Registration should be done latest the 17th of November. Observe the registration date! If there is not enough registrated teams an individual tournament will be held instead.

Location: KFUK-KFUM Central in Stockholm (Kammakaren). Rosengatan 1-3, telephone +46 8 412 23 70.

Teams: 3 persons in each team (possibility to also use one reserve player).

Tournament rules: RIF renju rules. Player without rating or with a rating below 1800 (according to the Swedish rating list) can also chose to play free gomoku or gomoku with forbidden zone. If a player choses to play free gomoku, that will be played.

Time rules: Will be decided later.

Tournament fee: SEK 210 for Swedish teams, for foreign teams; adults 40 SEK per player and youngsters (until graduating from gymnasium) 10 SEK per player.

Prizes: There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd team places in the tournament. Additionally, a special prize for best personal achievement will be given. The best Swedish team will be the Swedish Team Champions.

Accommodation: The club members are able to offer free accommodation for a limited number of players.

Information: For more information about the tournament, don?t hesitate to contact Irene & Stefan Karlsson, telephone +46 8 53184136 or +46 73 6151087, e-mail:

Very welcome!
/STORK (STOckholms Renju Klubb) within KFUK-KFUM Central

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