Published by Kawamura Norihiko on 2007-09-20

The 24th Mijinsen Tournament was held during 14-17 of September in Atami, where is a famous sightseeing (with hot spa) place.
Mr.Yamaguchi won at 8-1 score. He only lost against Mr. Iio at the final round, so he won the tournament with a good performance.
Mr. Okabe was 2nd, Mr.Kamo was 3rd. They were all participants of WC. Besides, Mr. Iio was 4th place.
The result was following;

1.Yusui Yamaguchi 8-1
2.Hiroshi Okabe 7-2
3.Yuki Kamo 6-2-1
4.Yoshihiro Iio 5-3-1
5.Norihiko Kawamura 5-4
6.Taizan Isobe 4-4-1
6.Takeo Miyoshi 4-4-1
8.Hiroshi Matsuura 2-7
9.Kiyotomi Sato 1-8
9.Kikuma Hiwatashi 1-8

The first game between Yamaguchi and Hasegawa will be held at 13th of October.

Norihiko Kawamura

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