Published by Gu Wei on 2007-09-06

Shanghai A level tournament was over before some times. It was from Feb. to Aug. There were 10 players jion the tournament and 9 rounds. Every player has 90 minutes in every round.
At last, Yu Man Jiang 6Dan was 1st. Chen Wen Xia 5Dan was 2nd.Ge Ling Feng 7Dan was 3ed. Gu Wei 7Dan was 4th. Huang Yu Feng 3Dan was 5th. Hou Xin Yuan 2Dan was 6th. Ge Chong Yu 6Dan was 7th. Zhang Yi Feng 2Dan was 8th. Fan Xing Cen 3Dan was 9th. Xue Wen Xi 6Dan was 10th.
Two players who were 9th and 10th must jion the B level tournament next year.And Cai Li Jie 4Dan and Ding Jiong 1Dan who were 1st and 2ed in the B level tournament this year.So they will jion 2008 Shanghai Alevel tournament.

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