Published by Ando Meritee on 2007-08-13

The 9th round was very long and full of tough fights. Although the first moves in the leaders' games let us assume that the competitors will win those games, the leaders managed to turn the games to their favor at the end.
All the games of this round were won by white.

The results of the 9th round:

Round 9 Taimla - Wu 0 : 1
Round 9 Karlsson - Savrasova 0 : 1
Round 9 Oll - Chingin 0 : 1
Round 9 Purk - Iio 0 : 1
Round 9 Okabe - Sushkov 0 : 1
Round 9 Kozhin - Yamaguchi 0 : 1

The standings after the 9th round (points, Berger):

Wu, Di Chi 7 (27,50)
Yamaguchi, Y. Jap 7 (25,00)
Chingin, K. Rus 6? (23,75)
Sushkov, V. Rus 6 (20,50)
Savrasova, Y. Rus 5? (25,50)
Taimla, T. Est 5 (18,00)
Purk, A. Est 4? (17,25)
Karlsson, S. Swe 3? (15,00)
Okabe, H. Jap 3 (8,50)
Iio, Y. Jap 2? (7,25)
Kozhin, M. Rus 2 (9,00)
Oll, A. Est 1? (2) 3,25)

It is quite clear now that the World Champion will be one of the top 5 players. Which one? Who has the strongest nerves in such even battle? Tomorrow will tell.

Tonight the number of visitors was beyond all expectations. Within last 24 hours the website received 150 000 hits. I have not made any statistics yet about how many unique users, but probably thousands of visitors. During the peak hour (the 9th round) 35 000 hits were received in 2 hours and it would have been bigger, if the server had worked faster. Finally we have fixed the bug that caused server to be slow under high volume traffic. So, tomorrow you can enjoy fast performance no matter how many people will come to watch the live show.

Very big thanks to Ants for his patience and hard work to bring the live show to us. He is a great man!

All the games are available at:

The RenjuNet Chatroom (you can find it on first page) is working nicely now. Tomorrow I will be writing live comments of the final round into that chat. If you are there at that time, then you can enjoy the discussion.



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