European Championship

European Championship is the RIF title competition that is held between European renju countries and the winner of the competition is named the European Champion. By the 1993, the renju in Europe hand grown into high level and there were many countries with active renju life in Europe. To give the players more opportunities to compete, and to find out the best ones in the region, the idea of European Championship was born. In the first three years, 1994, 1995 and 1996, the tournament was held every year, but later RIF decided to hold it only once in two years, to increase the quality of the tournaments and encourage more players to join each time when the tournament is organized. The long path of European Championship began in Tallinn, Estonia, which was the new RIF member and faced its first challenge to host a RIF title competition. This was the beginning of the history of European Championships...

Qualifying to European Championships

The Qualification System of European Championship