Gomoku Commission

The Gomoku Commission was established in 2007. The tasks for Gomoku Commission: To find one official opening rule, To find conditions for eventual championships (time limits, qualifications, ...), Questions about database and rating list.

GA 2008: Ants Soosõrv, chairman of the Gomoku Commission, explained about the work performed. One important issue is what opening rule to use.
Ales Rybka has agreed to organize Gomoku World Championship (GWC) when Renju World Championship is held in Czech Republic in 2009.
Decision: Regulations for GWC should be decided by Central Committee latest the 30th of June 2008.

Ilya KatsevRussiaChairman
Aleksandr BogatyrevRussiaMember
Łukasz MajksnerPolandMember
Madli MirmeEstoniaMember
Pavel LaubeCzech RepublicMember
Piotr MałowiejskiPolandMember
Štěpán TesaříkCzech RepublicMember
Zoltán LászlóHungaryMember
Attila DemjánHungaryHonorary member