The Protocol of General Assembly 2009

August 10, 2009, Pardubice, Czech Republic

1. RIF President Peter Jonsson opened the General Assembly.

2. Peter Jonsson was elected Chairman of the General Assembly.

3. Stefan Karlsson was elected Secretary of the General Assembly.

4. Election of three persons who should check the protocol was made: Ales Rybka, Natalya Nikonova and Hiroshi Okabe.

5. Election of three scrutineers who should count the votes, if necessary. Same persons were elected as in previous point.

6. Approval of the agenda. Some points were added to point 18 other:
a) International organization SportAccord.
b) Printing of the book Five-In-A-Row/Renju.
c) Possibilities to print books with lower number of copies.
d) Next WC in Gomoku final.
e) Signing of bank accounts.

7. Roll call.
Japan: Hiroshi Okabe
Russia: Konstantin Nikonov
Estonia: Ants Soosorv
Chinese Taipei: Huang-Yu Lin
Czech Republic: Ales Rybka
Sweden: Peter Jonsson

8. Adoption of new members, if any.
The new members do have the right to vote at the General Assembly from now on. The Polish federation has announced that it will make an application.
Polish Federation was adopted as member in RIF.
Added to roll call: Poland - Piotr Malowiejski

9. Reports from the President, the Treasurer and the Auditor.
Peter Jonsson mentioned the main action points during the recent two years, in particular the new opening rules for World Championships during period 2009-2011 and the rejoining of Gomoku as a championship game.
Stefan Karlsson informed about the financial situation, see Appendix. Question from Ales about the cost of internet information, if that can be lowered. Question is put to Internet commission.
Auditor report from Bjorn Wallgren was read to the meeting.

10. Approval of the work of the Central Committee for the last two years.
The work was approved by the meeting.

11. Budget and membership fees.

Budget suggestion was presented by Stefan Karlsson. Ales raised the idea of selling for instance t-shirts. The budget was decided.

12. Election of the Central Committee was made:

President: Peter Jonsson
Vice Presidents: Anders Henningsson, Norihiko Kawamura, Pavel Salnikov
General Secretary: Ants Soosorv
Treasurer: Stefan Karlsson
Member: Na Wei

Election of Auditor was made: Bjorn Wallgren

13. Decision of the place for future RIF official championships.

a) World Championship 2011.
Was decided that applications can be made from countries and should be sent to the Central Committee at latest the 31st of December 2009
b) Asian Championship 2010
c) Youth World Championship 2010
d) European Championship 2010

Applications can be made from countries and should be sent to the Central Committee at latest the 15th of October 2009 for points b), c) and d).

14. Reports from the Commissions.
Report from RIF Sports Commission

Sports Commission has had the following members during the latest election period from August 2007:

Yoshihiro Iio, Japan
Stefan Karlsson, Sweden
Aivo Oll, Estonia
Pavel Salnikov, Russia
Ants Soosorv, Estonia

Sports Commission and its members have contributed to the information development of coming tournaments on This continues to be an important task.
The main achievement during this election period has been the finalization of the tournament rules for International Championships. The document is an enhancement of the previous document of the qualification rules etc for International Championship tournaments. Among the additions of information can be mentioned:

* More information and regulations for the organizer
* Rules for the players
* Notification rules for different opening rules

Central Committee sanctioned the document "Tournament Rules in International Championships" the 9th of February 2009, on behalf of the Extra General Assembly in May 2008.

Stefan Karlsson, Chairman

Report from RIF Youth Commission.

Work in commission wasn't very active. Main task was to help Sport Commission to find best tournament rules for international youth tournaments (Youth World and European Championships).
This task is fulfilled.
Also we have discussed possibilities where to organise YWC 2010 and we recommend Armenia as organiser. Time should be beginning of August.

Ants Soosorv, Chairman

Report from RIF Gomoku Committee.

Thanks for gomoku quick development in many countries we have lot of things to do.
So far we haven't reach really much, we have agreed playing rules for WC 2009 and hope to use time in Pardubice to agree what title competitions we should have in future in calendar, playing and tournament rules, rating system and so on.

Ants Soosorv, Chairman

Report from the RIF Rules Commission

During the two years we have worked out the compromise for the new opening rules that was adopted by the Extra General Assembly in Helsinki 2008.

Since then our group has not been active but the ambition for the next period is to evaluate the new opening rules.

Peter Jonsson, Chairman

15. Election of the Commissions
Asian Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Na Wei (chairman), Anders Henningson (vice chairman), Andrey Khramov, Yifeng Chang, Albert Poghosyan, Kojima Shigenori, Leonid Glukhovsky, Nizami Eibatov, Vladimir Dvoeglazov
Adding of Chinese Taipei member Huang-Yu Lin

Correspondence Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following member: Dmitry Epifanov

Sports Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Stefan Karlsson (chairman), Yoshihiro Iio, Pavel Salnikov, Ants Soosorv, Aivo Oll

Referee Commission
Was decided to rest during the coming two years. Central Committee will take care of referee matters during this time.

Youth Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Ants Soosorv (chairman), Irina Metreveli, Hiroshi Okabe, Ono Takayuki, Albert Poghosyan

Rules Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Peter Jonsson (chairman), Norihiko Kawamura, Ando Meritee, Hiroshi Okabe, Mikhail Kozhin, Chen Wei, Yury Tarannikov
Qualification Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Oleg Stepanov (chairman), Andrey Serdyuk

Gomoku Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the former members: Ants Soosorv (chairman), Peter Jonsson, Alexander Litvinenko, Ales Rybka, Pawel Nowak, Igor Eged, Hiroshi Okabe, Andrey Khramov
Was discussed what to do with the not yet existing Gomoku rating list. The meeting's meaning was that Gomoku rating list should be established according to the rules of the RIF rating list. It was decided that proposal will be prepared by Gomoku commission to be presented to Central Committee for decision.
Added members: Andrej Sviridov, Huang-Yu Lin, Attila Demjan and Piotr Malowiejski.

Translation Commission
Was decided to rest during the coming two years. Central Committee will take care of translation matters during this time.

European Commission
Was decided to rest during the coming two years. Central Committee will take care of European matters during this time.

Internet Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Ando Meritee (chairman), Ester Eggert

PR Commission
Was decided to continue the work with the following members: Sander Sulane (chairman), Madli Mirme

16. Proposals from the Russian Federation

1. Opening Rule proposal.
We propose to accept Sakata opening rule as RIF certificated one.

The meeting decided to certify Sakata rule as well.

2. Sport Commission proposals.
2.1. We propose to set up Technical Work Group for inspection of national renju game equipment (boards, stones and clocks) used, produced (sailed) or wanted. To organize information source at RIF web site for sealers /buyers network. Was decided to put this question to PR commission.
2.2. We propose to set up Senior Work Group for Senior WC organization. To prepare proposals for Sport Commission decision. {Seniors - players who are 50 or more}. Was decided to setup workgroup with following members: Konstantin Nikonov, Peter Jonsson and Hiroshi Okabe.
2.3. We propose to set up Problem Work Group for renju problem art discussion. To organize renju problem authors/users network, special material production. Was decided to put this question to PR commission.

3. Youth and Women renju proposal.
We ask Sport and Youth Commissions to prepare Program aimed to youth and women renju development approved and supported by Central Committee. It was decided to ask Sports- and Youth Commission to present proposals to next General Assembly.

4. Gomoku proposal.
We ask Sport Commission, Gomoku Commission (and national federation) to prepare project of official RIF document concerning RIF point of view on Gomoku board game as a separate discipline of Renju Sport. There is a certain formulation in statutes. Central Committee was asked to investigate if a statute change is needed.

5. Central Committee election proposal.
We propose to reelect Pavel Salnikov as RIF Vice president. This was decided above.

17. Proposal from the President.
On behalf of Attila Demjan, I propose that RIF should organize an e-mail World Championship in Gomoku and to establish an official rating list for Gomoku. Details can be taken care of by the Gomoku Commission and later it can be adopted by the Central Committee. Question of Gomoku rating list was taken care of above. It was decided that Gomoku Commission will deal with e-mail World Championship for Gomoku.

18. Other questions
a) Information from Peter Jonsson regarding membership in the international organization SportAccord. The cost of joining is CHF 4000. Peter Jonsson will continue with correspondence regarding application process etc.

b) Printing of the book Five-In-A-Row/Renju. Ants Soosorv informed about possibilities to print the book in Estonia. Price limit was decided to EUR 2000 and aim to print 1000 copies. Of course a try to get cheaper price will be made. Apart from Estonia, also place of printing in Poland and Czech Republic will be compared.

c) Peter Jonsson informed about new good possibilities to print books with lower number of copies, which can be printed in normal copy machine. Central Committee was decided to get the right to give smaller stimuli to get books written and printed.

d) Next WC in Gomoku final will be with 12 players. The following was decided for GAT and GBT 2009.

* 1 GAT: Personal Place in next final
* 2-5 GAT: National Places in next final
* 2-8 GAT: Personal Places in next QT
* 1-3 GBT: Personal Places in next QT

e) Was confirmed that signing of bank accounts are done by Treasurer Stefan Karlsson, born 1969-03-25 (personal number 690325-2655). Formal detail as this is included in statutes regarding duties of Treasurer.

19. Peter Jonsson declared the meeting closed.

Pardubice, Czech Republic the 10th of August, 2009,

Stefan Karlsson          Peter Jonsson
Meeting Secretary          RIF President and chairman of meeting

Checking of the protocol:

Ales Rybka          Natalya Nikonova          Hiroshi Okabe