The Protocol of General Assembly 2007

14.08.2007, Tyumen, Russia

1. Opening of the General Assembly - The meeting started 16:17.

2. Election of the Chairman of the General Assembly - Peter Jonsson was elected as chairman.

3. Election of the Secretary for the General Assembly - Marcus Eriksson was elected as secretary.

4. Election of three persons who should check the protocol - Hiroshi Okabe, Alexander Litvinenko and Ants Soosorv were elected.

5. Election of three scrutineers who should count the votes, if necessary - Stefan Karlsson, Hiroshi Okabe and Aivo Oll were elected.

6. Approval of the agenda - The proposed agenda was approved with the addition of points 17 and 18.

7. Roll call: Chinese Taipei (Lin Huang-Yu), Chech (Ales Rybka, through Peter Jonsson), Japan (Hiroshi Okabe), Russia (Vladimir Sushkov), Sweden (Peter Jonsson), Estonia (Ants Soosorv), Finland (Jussi Ikonen), China (Qiu Yunfei).

8. Adoption of new members, if any - No new members this year.

9. Reports from President, Treasurer and Auditor - The reports were given at the previous discussions.

10. Approval of the vork of the Central Committee - The Central Committee's work was approved.

11. Budget and membership fees - Stefan Karlsson suggests changing from USD to EUR, keeping the same numbers. This will mean a raise. The new fee will be valid from january 1 2008. Founder members pay 200 EUR and other countries pay 50 EUR. AGREED

12. Election of the central committee - Norohiko Kawamura, Pavel Salnikov and Anders Henningson will continue as vice presidents. Peter Jonsson will continue as president. Stefan Karlsson will continue as treasurer. Ants Soosorv will continue as secretary. Na Wei will be an additional member of the central committee.

13. Decision of the place for future RIF official championships
a. Team World Championship 2008 - Finland will be host.
b. World Championship 2009 - Central Committee will decide between China and Chech before February 1 2008, as more information has arrived.
c. Asian Championship 2008 - China will be host.
d. Youth World Championship 2008 - Estonia will be host. RIF 20 year anniversary will be held at the same place.
e. European Championship 2008 - Central Committee will get recommendation from European Commission about its choice between Russia and Sweden before february 1 2008, as more information has arrived. Central Committe will have the final vote.

14. Reports from the Commissions

15. Election of the Commissions
Asian commission - Na Wei (chairman), Anders Henningson (vice chairman), Andrey Khramov, Yifeng Chang, Albert Poghosyan, Kojima Shigenori, Leonid Glukhovsky, Nizami Eibatov, Vladimir Dvoeglazov
Correspondance commission - Dmitry Epifanov
Sports commission - Stefan Karlsson (chairman), Yoshihiro Iio, Pavel Salnikov, Ants Soosorv, Aivo Oll
Referee commission - Alexey Skuridin (chairman), Ants Soosorv, Bjorn Wallgren
Youth commission - Ants Soosorv (chairman), Irina Metreveli, Hiroshi Okabe, Ono Takayuki, Albert Poghosyan
Rules commission - Peter Jonsson (chairman), Norihiko Kawamura, Ando Meritee, Hiroshi Okabe, Mikhail Kozhin, Chen Wei, Yury Tarannikov
Qualification commission - Oleg Stepanov (chairman), Andrey Serdyuk
Translation commission - Anders Henningson (chairman), Ando Meritee
European commission - Peter Jonsson (chairman), Ants Soosorv, Samuli Saarenpaa
Internet commission - Ando Meritee (chairman), Ester Eggert
Gomoku commission (new) - Ants Soosorv (chairman), Peter Jonsson, Alexander Litvinenko, Ales Rybka, Pawel Nowak, Igor Eged, Hiroshi Okabe, Andrey Khramov; Tasks for gomoku commission: To find one official opening rule, To find conditions for eventual championships (time limits, qualifications, ...), Questions about database and rating list.

16. Future renju rules - Voting for which opening rule to be the preferred new opening rule was made according to the principle that all nations had the right to give 3, 2 and 1 points to three different opening rules. After each voting round the rule(s) with the lowest points was/were excluded. The voting results from each round is shown below.

Rule No.Points
Rule No.Points
Rule No.Points
Rule No.Points
Rule No.Points

In the final voting, rule number 4 got five votes. Rule number 1 got three votes. It was decided not to let rule number 4 be the official RIF opening rule and not to try rule number 4 in Team World Championship 2008.
a. It was decided to let each RIF country have a national test tournament during 2008 and to let the e-mail World Championship 2008 be played with rule number 4. Japan used its veto against this decision.
b. It was decided to let the e-mail World Championship 2008 be played with rule number 4. Japan used its veto against this decision. (This extra decision was made if the case should be that Japan on September 30 2007 withdraws the veto for this point, but not for point a.)
After the trial period has finished a voting by RIF members takes place by mail (finished 31.01.2009) and the voting decides if the new opening rule can be the official RIF opening rule from 01.07.2009.

17. Statement from Stefan Karlsson about qualification - "However, this national place will not add to the maximum of three places for a member country or to the maximum of one place for a non-member country." will be added to the Sports Commission qualification rules for the World Championship.

18. Monetary support for email world championship - 500 SEK will be used for fixing nice diplomas and sending them by (ordinary) mail.

19. Meeting closed - The meeting ended at 18:23.

Chairman Peter Jonsson

Secretary Marcus Eriksson

Hiroshi Okabe

Alexander Litvinenko

Ants Soosorv