The Protocol of General Assembly 2005

4.08.2005, Tallinn

1. Opening of the General Assembly - Done

2. Election of the Chairman of the General Assembly - Peter Jonsson

3. Election of the Secretary for the General Assembly - Sander Sulane

4. Election of three persons who should check the protocol - Alyona Yakovleva, Yuriy Tarannikov, Hiroshi Okabe

5. Election of three scrutineers who should count the votes, if necessary - Stefan Karlsson, Ester Eggert, Yoshihiro Iio

6. Approval of the agenda - approved

7. Roll call: Chinese Taipei - Wang Chin-Kung, Russia - Yuriy Tarannikov, Sweden - Peter Jonsson, Estonia - Ester Eggert, Japan - Hiroshi Okabe

8. Reports from the President, the Treasurer and the Auditor - Done

9. Approval of the work of the Central Committee for the last two years - Approved

10. Approval of the budget and membership fees - Approved

11. Voting to change Central Commitee to 5 members - Disapproved

12. One member of Central Commitee will resign, Alexander Nosovsky. The president expressed his gratitude for Mr. Nosovskys work in RIF for the last 17 years.

13. Election of Central Commitee: 
Should we add 1 more vice president - NO (votes: 1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 against), 
Central Commitee members - NO change (votes: 4 positive, 1 neutral )

President Peter Jonsson 
Vice President Norihiko Kawamura 
Vice President Pavel Salnikov 
Vice President Anders Henningsson 
Treasurer Stefan Karlsson 
General Secretary Ants Soosorv

14. New Webmaster - Ando Meritee (5 positive votes)

15. Book: RIF should reprint the book "Five-In-A-Row/Renju" in 1000 copies for the cost of 16732 SEK.

16. Should RIF stop organizing female championships? (votes: 0 positive) Disapproved

17. Limiting the number of members in a commission to three - (votes: 0 positive) Disapproved

18. Each person in CC and the Chairman of each commission MUST send a report after every 3 month(March, July, September, December by the 25th ) to the President about what activities that have been done: (votes: 5 positive votes) Approved

19. Adding two more commissions: The PR Commission: (votes: 1 positive, 2 against) Disapproved, The CC-Audit Commission (votes: 0 positive) Disapproved

20. RIF organizing Go-Moku tournaments? Central Commitee will investigate and make the proposal for the next meeting 2006 (votes: 3 positive, 2 neutral) Approved

21. Team World Championship 2006 in Estonia, Asian Championship in Korea, Youth World Championship 2006 in China, World Championship 2007 in Tyumen, European Championship 2006 in Poland. If these countries disagree, CC must find substitute countries by the latest Sept. 30. (votes: 4 positive) Approved

22. Asian Commission: Chairman Mr. Nara, Vice Chairman Mr. Henningsson, Members - Mr. Khramov, Mr. Chang, Mr.Poghosyan, Mr. Na Wei, Mr. Potapov, Mr. Hasegawa, Mr. Gluhovsky, Mr. Eibatov

23. Correspondence Commision: Chairman Mr. Potapov, Member Mr. Salnikov

24. Sports Commission: Chairman Mr. Karlsson, Members Mr. Iio, Mr. Salnikov, Mr. Soosorv

25. Referee Commission: Chairman Mr. Skuridin, Members Mr. Soosorv, Mr. Wallgren

26. Youth Commission: Chairman Mr. Soosorv, Members Ms. Metreveli, Mr. Ono, Mr. Poghosyan

27. Rules Commission: Chairman Mr. Meritee, Members Mr. Jonsson, Mr. Tarannikov, Mr. Kawamura

28. Qualification Commission: Chairman Mr. Stepanov, Member Mr. Smirnov

29. Translation Commission: Chairman Mr. Henningsson, Member Mr. Meritee

30. European Commission: Chairman Mr. Jonsson, Members Mr. Soosorv, Mr. Saarenpaa

31. Internet Commission: Chairman Mr. Meritee, Member Ms. Eggert

32. RIF will apply for being a registrated organisation in Sweden.

33. Regulations for international championships. YWC age groups problem will be discussed in Youth Comission.

34. RIF adopted the suggestion from The Sports Comission for RIF championships with the exception of youth world championship (votes: 5 positive) Approved

New opening rules:

A) There is a need for new opening rules (votes: 5 positive) Approved

b) The old agenda for changing rules will be changed for quicker process suggested by Ando Meritee. Meritee's proposal: "It means, after GA 2005, all RIF member countries may send as many examples of new rules to our commission as they wish, together with detailed description and a "nickname" for easy usage. At December 31, 2005, the the list will be closed. It means, no more suggestions can be added after that day. The idea of closing the list is to make people more constructive, and focus on what we have by then, trying to make the best of it. 
Our commission will exclude from list all the suggestions of rules, which are in conflict with basic principles of making rules (as Mr Tarannikov wrote 2 years ago). The rules suggestions, which are acceptable by those criterias, will stay in that list. 
Then, in January 1, 2006, we will publish the list with rules which are appropriate and valid, and all RIF countries can see them, and start discussing both nationally and internationally. In 2006 TWC, the General Assembly could proceed with voting among those listed candidates. Whatever vote gets a majority, will become a new official opening rule, unless veto is used. 
If veto is used by any of founder members, then the whole process has to start over or even stopped. 
If RIF decides to stop the investigation and postpone it for unclear time, we can suggest all renju sites (such as ORC, renju offline, gambler, LLIO site, etc) to take down all alternative rules (sakata, tarannikov, yamaguchi, and others) and continue with RIF official rules only, until a new "start of investigation" is ordered by RIF." (votes: 4 positive) Approved

35. The General Assembly was closed.

Sander Sulane 

Peter Jonsson 

Alyona Yakovleva

Yuriy Tarannikov

Hiroshi Okabe