The Protocol of General Assembly 1995

2.08.1997, Tallinn, Estonia


Yoshimi Hayakawa Japan
Viktor Kaufman Russia
Peter Jonsson Sweden
√úlle Harju Estonia
Artis Gaujens Latvia
Viktor Kaufman Byelorussia (White Russia)


Stefan Karlsson, Kazuto Hasegawa, Hiroyuki Tatsutomi, Masao Mitsumori, Toshio Sawai, Aleksei Skuridin, Andrei Sokolski, Irina Metreveli, Oleg Stepanov, Anders Bertilsson, Bjorn Wallgren, Aleksandr Nosovky, Hsien-Chi Chung, Na Wei, Albert Pogosyan and Konstantin Nikonov.

#1 Opening of the General Assembly. Peter Jonsson was elected to be the chairman.

#2 Viktor Kaufman was elected to be the meeting's secretary.

#3 Persons to check the minutes: Yoshimi Hayakawa, Konstantin Nikonov and Artis Gaujens.

#4 The agenda was approved and roll-call was made.

#5 Annual report from the President.

#6 Annual report from the Treasurer and the Auditor.

#7 The work of the Central Committee for the last two years was approved.

#8 The budget for the coming two years was approved. The meeting decided to change the memberfeees to 200 US $ for founder-members and to 50 US $ for other members.

#9 The following persons were elected as officials for the next coming two years:

President Tommy Maltell
Vice President Yoshimi Hayakawa
Vice President Alexandr Nosovsky

General Secretary Peter Jonsson Treasurer Stefan Karlsson
Auditor Lars B. Melin

#10 The Arjeplog office will be closed down from now on and the six permanent commissions will rest during the coming two years.

#11 Decision: A world Youth Championship will be held in July 1996 in Russia. It will be two age classes - one for up to 14 years and one for 15-18 years.

A commission was established and it will give the proposals before December 31st, 1995.

The Chairman will be Mr Alexei Skuridin and the other members will be Mr Anders Bertilsson and Mr Hiroyuki Tatsutomi.

#12 a: The three best players of the Open Tournament (OT) will have personal places at the next Qualification Tournament (QT).

b: The five best players of the QT will play in the A-tournament (AT).

c: The places from 2 to 7 in the AT are national ones; any RIF-member has not more than three national places (NP) and any other country no more than one.

d: Extra places will be exchanged into additional NP in the next QT; In that case the place number 8 and so on will pass to the next places in the AT.

#13 It was decided that the European Championship will be held every year. This year it will be held in S:t Petersburg in December. The precise dates will be decided by the Central Committee before August 31st, 1995.

#14 It was decided that a Team World Championship should be held. Each team consist of 4 players (+ 1 reserve). Recommended time - summer, next year. A Team commission was established: Chairman - Pavel Salnikov and persons from Japan and Latvia. The Commission will give proposals before December 31st, 1995.

#15 It was decided that France should be excluded from RIF because France haven't payed the member-fee and have not showed any interest in connections with RIF during the last two years.

About the other countries that have not payed the member-fee (Armenia, Azerbaijan) was decided that in next World Championship only one player from each of these countries can participate. They also lost the right to vote. If they pay memberfees their rights will be returned.

#16 The new international rating list is not ready yet, but when it will be accomplished by Bengt Asplund, it will be sent to all National Federations.

#17 WC-1997. Japan's delegation informed the General Assembly that if any country - Latvia, Russia, etc. will hold WC-1997, they will give to this country 500 000 Japanese yens (>5000 US $).

Application for being the organizer of WC 1997 must reach the Central Committee before May 31st, 1996.

#18 During the World Chamionship in 1997 there will be a separate Women World Championship.

The Central Committee should make all details for qualification, time rules and so on.

#19 The Central Committee informed about:

Renju Newsletter.

Renju For Beginners. The new edition is ready now and RIF bought 300 copies for the total sum of 900 US $.

Computer programs.

WC by e-mail. This tournament starts in September-October.

Mr Hayakawa spoke about the new rules for the Meijin-Sen.

Referee qualification.

The renju book of code. Mr Skuridin will translate the Russian version and present it for the Central Committee.

#20 Closing of the General Assembly.

Chairman Peter Jonsson

Secretary Viktor Kaufman

Signed Yoshimi Hayakawa

Signed Konstantin Nikonov

Signed Artis Gaujens

Appendix: Comments from Tommy Maltell:

1. I have talked with Peter Jonsson about:
#5e from the RIF Extra General Assembly in Riga on August 7, 1992:
"The organizing federation for the World Championship has one free place in the A-tournament, if the federation does not have any PP(Personal Places) or NP(National Places)."
There were no suggestions on the General Assembly 1995 to change this rule so it is still in force. It means that for example if Byelorussia (White Russia) will be the organizer Byelorussia will get one free place in the A-tournament and that only the four best players of the QT will play in the A-Tournament.
If you have any comments regarding this point, please, send them to me as soon as possible.

2. On another page you will find information about how to buy the book "Renju For Beginners". RIF will send this book without cost for the addressee to libraries around the world. However, we cannot send to all libries and to how many is not decided yet. The rest of the books will be sold to single players. If you have any good suggestions where to find a list to good libries for this purpose or if you know addresses to special libraries that you recommend, please, let me know.

3.In #19 Mr Hayakawa spoke about the new opening rules for the Meijin-Sen.The new rule is as follows:
In starting the game the tentative Black plays all the first three moves (two for black and one for white)i.e. he decides which of the 26 patterns that will be used.(Instead of #12.2-12.4 in the official rules of RIF). Then the tentative White decides which of the players that will play as Black and as White in the game (White has the right to change sides).This is the same as #12.5 in the official rules of RIF and the following opening rules are also the same as before.