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Ando Meritee
#1 2008-03-15 18:38:57

The first page of RenjuNet has been changed a lot. Now there is also a section of INTRODUCTION OF RENJU PLAYERS. Every time people load the first page of RenjuNet, random 5 people will be listed there.

Today when I was loading a page, I suddenly thought of a funny thing - imagine if these selections of 5 people could make a team for the Team Championship, which of the random 5 could make a strong team? Reload several times and evaluate the "team".

So far, the "strongest" team of random 5 players that I have seen is:

Vladimir Filinov, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Albert Poghosyan, Yerevan, Armenia
Hiroshi Okabe, Tokyo, Japan
Chia-cheng Tsai, Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Eduard Voskanyan, Yerevan, Armenia

I refreshed many times, and it is not easy to get a stable team of 5 good players. Always 1 or 2 weaker ones pop in.

Can you find a team that can beat these 5? :))

Jussi Ikonen
#2 2008-03-16 07:00:45

How about this "hand":

Takahiro Kudomi, Kawasaki, Japan
Pavel Salnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Alexandr Klimashin, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Takashi Sagara, Osaka, Japan
Vladimir Filinov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Unfortunately I saw myself in an othervice really strong lineup.. :D

Ando Meritee
#3 2008-03-16 13:02:45

Hahaha, Jussi, you are so funny!! :D

Ando Meritee
#4 2008-03-16 13:03:34

And yes, I think your 5 can beat my 5 players.

Aivo Oll
#5 2008-03-19 21:49:26

What about this team:
Wu Di
Yoshihiro Iio
Hiroshi Matsuura
Zhu Jianfeng
Mikhail Kozhin

Ando Meritee
#6 2008-03-19 22:01:07

Wow, Aivo, your team is much stronger! All 5 players are very stable, I think.

Aivo Oll
#7 2008-03-19 22:08:06

Yes, also their average rating is very good - 2365 (better than my current rating :( )
It beats Jussi`s team average of 2326 by far.

Ando Meritee
#8 2008-03-19 22:20:17

That is a good method of comparing indeed. I did not even think of that. :) I just evaluate by "feeling". :P

Aivo Oll
#9 2008-03-20 06:04:46

This team:
Alexander Klimashin
Evgeniy Bobkov
Vladimir Sushkov
Yusui Yamaguchi
Alexander Radzevelyuk
is even better with an average reiting of 2391.

Jussi Ikonen
#10 2008-03-25 04:17:37

Didnt bother to check theaverage rating for this multinational team, but it seemed rather strong at the first glance..

Vladimir Sushkov Gatchina, Russia
Hideki Nara Yokohama, Japan
Martin Carlsson Jnkping, Sweden
Jinyu Zhang Beijing, China
Andry Purk Tallinn, Estonia

At least it would most propably win Finnish team(s) at the upcoming event.. :P

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