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Nakayama Tomoharu
#1 2018-02-22 10:54:55

1 year has passed since new opening rule, Soorv-8 came into the tournaments.

I wonder where in the Internet world players play renju in that rule. As I know, there is only one renju application you can play Soosrv-8 in real time game. It is Wulin Dahui created by China player.
So far, you can play the app only in Chinese ( but you can play in computer/ android/ ios). If possible I would like to play in English or Japanese.

In past, there was ORC game server and you were able to play in various languages. You have such sites or apps now?

Aivo Oll
#2 2018-04-09 14:27:33

Of course, it is very unfortunate that there is only Wulin Dahui renju server that is only in Chinese, where it is possible to play with Soosyrv-8 opening rule. I could understand it if it was a new rule but in renjuoffline it is possible to play with Soosyrv-10 rule already from 2011! So, 7 years have passed and not much has been done in regards of new online game server. I think it should be one of RIF's top priorities on their to do list. It has been discussed a bit before but in my honest opinion, not enough. It is much easier to find new people from the internet/get old players to play again by creating an online renju server with the newest opening rules than in any other case. I really hope that something will be done to solve this issue in the nearest future.

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