Photo of "Mr.Isobe's 6th forever Meijin ceremony"

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Kawamura Norihiko
#1 2014-12-08 19:59:53

Hello Renju fans!

On 1st of November, Nihon Renju Sha held the ceremony. The purpose was,
1) The anniversary of admitted Nihon Renju Sha as a public interest incorporated association by the government
(We were admitted it this year formally)
2) The anniversary of Mr.Isobe's 6th forever Meijin
(We decided he was able to become the 6th forever Meijin last year)

It was held in Tokyo, at Hotel "Juraku". About 40 members were attended.
I can show you some nice photos. It looks a typical Japanese style, I think.

Thank you.

Norihiko Kawamura

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