My 10 years anniversary with the game (gomoku/renju)

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Jussi Ikonen
#1 2012-04-28 08:04:12

Spring 2002 rushed by grinding 5-in-a-row basics in a Finnish gaming site Pasimaailma. Later that very year a few of my opponents, later mentors and good friends, invited me to playsite and iyt. I got to learn some of the basic surewin variants and became really enthusiastic about learning "solving" pro gomoku.

We fought online at many sites that year amongst Finnish players. We created a forum with a tournament based league and analyzed the game always with great passion.

One lucky afternoon at early 2003 I was getting back to my dorm room (in Oregon, USA) and got absolutely thrilled; I had finally found a free seat, my seat at Renjuclass!

This was the start of a hobby. It later evolved to so much more.

When I think about all the memories, all the amazing people and exotic places I´ve gotten to know and experience these years, with this truly fantastic game, a tear keeps pushing it´s way to my eye.


Thank you.

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