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Yamaguchi Yusui
#1 2010-12-26 17:04:38

I present the new party-game concerning renju.
It is very interesting for every Renju Players surely.

I named it "Tama-Bingo" in Japanese. Japanese "Tama" means Renju-stones.
Now, I name it "Rengo" in English. Of course, the meaning is "Renju + Bingo".

As you know, Bingo is famous party-game all around the world.
The rule of Rengo looks like Bingo a little.

Rengo rules

(1) Please distribute "Renju Board Paper" which nothing is written to all players.

(2) All player write "five squares" in own paper according to the following conditions.

* Can not write on center.
* Two squares cannot be written in a consecutive point.

(3) The organizer of Rengo choose one Renju-game arbitrarily.
It is so good many moves game.

(4) The organizer tell all players position of the move from choosed game one by one.
All players write the move in own paper.


"First move is center"
"Second move is above-center"
"Third move is right-under from Second move"

(5) The player who all buried "five squares" is a winner.

In 2010 Dec., Rengo played in Tokyo-Renju-fedaration's party.
All members said about Rengo, "It is happier than usual Bingo".

extra rule

As you know, "Point without move" might remain in the vicinity of the center.
In this case, some players can not reach winner.

For the player who could not get Rengo even if when called last move,
The organizer tell all players void positions (= without moves).
The order of void positions is near from center.

#2 2010-12-27 00:13:17

I hope Yuriy Tarannikov whose ID in renjuoffline are mda904 and flexion would be interested in what you said.

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