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Kawamura Norihiko
#1 2010-05-05 22:31:54

Hello renju fans!

TWC has finished.The final round was so exciting, because the winner would be chosen among 3 team. Finally, the winner was China.
It was a pity that Japan would not win in spite of the better member, I guess.
Anyway, I must say congratulation for the winner. This TWC was very successful, I believed. Thanks for all members who managed TWC as a tournament organizer.

Final result
1. China 14 points (4team points)
2. Estonia1 14 points (3.5 team points)
3. Japan1 13.5 points
4. Chinese Taipei 6.5 points
5. Russia
6. Japan2
7. Estonia2
8. Ukraine & Azerbaijan

Russia beat Japan2 at the final rund and got 5th place. I think Chinese Taipei was a good team and passed the upper group. They failed the final 3 rounds but showed strong power. Japan lost aginst China and Estonia at the last 2 rounds. Nakamura lost against Taimla two games in TWC. I must say Japan is no more winner. Japanese strong players became older. Besides, Yamaguchi rule was affected bad for Japanese. We are lack of analyses. I think China is keeping winner for a long time especially at TWC. They are quite strong and still young. See you again! thank you!

Ando Meritee
#2 2010-05-05 22:49:02

Such an exciting tournament indeed! Congratulations to Chinese team - the new world champions!! I hope it will make renju in China even more popular! And also congratulations to Estonian team - they nearly got the first place despite not having any reserve players and play in such a faraway country! It must have been very exhausting tournament!

About the Japanese team - I think one tournament's unlucky result does not mean Japanese will not be winners in future. I think, Japan's team is still very strong and has a very big chance to get 1st place in 2012 TWC!!

And at last - the organizers of this TWC did a good job, we could enjoy the games at both website and website thanks to the organizers! It was a great festival! I hope to see more articles and stories about this event! :)

Once again, congratulations to all the medalists! :)

#3 2010-05-05 22:56:07

Yuriy Tarannikov, you must can't wait now and won't only hide in the renjuoffline site as mda904. See you at TWC2012!

Jussi Ikonen
#4 2010-05-07 02:22:15

Congrats to Chinese team! Very strong, I must say. :)

Also good fight (very near miss) from Estonian and Japanese teams. Congratulations for them as well!

Thanks for publishing the games and progress of the event in such a precise manner.


#5 2010-07-03 03:26:55


I'm a iPad developer, and I recently made a new gomoku game on this platform with (I think) a strong AI. I wish to present it to Renju players of the world, and to get feedback from them.

I searched an email to contact the team but I cannot find, and the forum looks like unavailable.

Can you give me an email where I can contact you and send all the informations (and promo codes allowing you to download the game for free) ?

By the way, my own mail is : contact [*], and the app store link of the game is:

I really hope I will be able to get feedbacks from renju players to improve the game !

#6 2010-10-10 15:50:04

in renjuoffline site now, Yuriy Tarannikov changes his ID into flexion.

#7 2010-10-11 10:32:38

I 'm making the homepage where it proposes the "Renju"sign language expression.
I want you to teach how I can contribute a new blog.


However, this site is not confident of English though is confident of Japanese at all.
I think it is welcome if it is possible to point it out when a strange English expression is found.

best regards.

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