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Kawamura Norihiko
#1 2010-04-30 21:34:22

Hello, renju friends!
8th TWC started. Although each country could not come to Japan so easy, 8 team took part in the TWC. Ukrina and Azerbaijan were united.Yeaterday night, the opening ceremony were held.I show you some pictures.

Today, 2round were held. China made a good result like a rocket. They got 8points so far, beat both Ukraina & Azerbaijan(3members) team and Japan2. Chinese taipei is also good, I think. Though they got half points(4-4), they played strong 2 team, Russia and Estonia1. As I am a leader of Japan1, first game was not good. Okabe and Ymaguchi lost against Japan2. Besides, Hasegawa almost lost. As a penarty, I decided to change members at 2nd round. Isobe and I took part. Fortunately, we all won for Estonia2.
We must get in upper 4team and go to final. Please watch the Homepage. See you!

R2 Timmermann-Kawamura white44, D1
My move 14 was not good and dangerous.

Mr. Isobe is now 79 years old. The oppenent is 12 years old. The difference is 67! Renju is a nice game to unite all generation.

#2 2010-04-30 22:31:32

What a pity, I can't see that strong Yuriy Tarannikov whose renjuoffline is mda904 among Russian players!

Ando Meritee
#3 2010-05-01 23:48:59

So wonderful blog! It is so exciting to read the stories of the tournament. And the photos are so great, too! Hoping to see more photos and games, and stories!! :D

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