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Iio Yoshihiro
#1 2010-01-28 15:46:32

Hello,Renju fans!
Japan will be the host of TWC for the first time.
We wish to invite all renju countries to participate this event and we hope we can offer you an exciting renju experience in Tokyo!
Please let us know if you are interested in this event and please also let us know your team member in detail as soon as possible.

We hope to meet you in Tokyo!

Here is the current schedule for the event:
29.4.2010 Arriving and Opening ceremony at the evening
30.4-05.5.2010 TWC main tournament
05.05.2010 Closing ceremony at the evening
02.05.2010 RIF meeting

More information is follow:


#2 2010-02-05 21:17:20

Oh, what a pity! If it is online, I am happy to join. My blackstone skills is very good, you can see it in renjuoffline.com. By the way, I think that strong mda904 in renjuoffline site will join. He is Yuriy Tarannikov and during last 2 years, he spent much time on renju. Though he set invisible in that site's current playing list, I know he was there all the time besides sleeping.
Russian Team must get result for mda904's good performance!

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