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Björn Lind
#1 2009-11-15 21:51:04

Hello renjufriends,
Here i will write some short information about tournaments held, and tournaments to come, in Sweden.

Uppsala Renju Open, 12 sept 2009
7 rounds were played, timelimit 30 min/player. Taraguchi rules, players with low rank had possibillity to choose RIF.
1. Bjrn Lind
2. Petter Gardstrm
3. Tord Andersson
4. Peter Jonsson
5. Rikard Sandstrm
6. Torbjrn Blomstedt
7. Bengt Asplund
8. Irene Karlsson
9. Bjrn Levinson
10. Bengt Nyberg
11. Emma Warner
12. Joachim Theimer
13. Jan Fanell
14. David Lindgren

Games and tournament table can be viewed at

Swedish Championships in Gomoku 2009
Tournament was held in Hallsberg 31okt-1nov.
12 players, 11 rounds, 4 games against each player.
1 Bjrn Lind 38 wins
2 Bengt Asplund 37
3 Peter Jonsson 35
4 Tomas Hagenfors 34
5 Kjetil Nossum, Norway 30
6 Hans Sjstedt 29
7 Christina Kllman 17
8 Sten Lind 15
9 Carl Nordstrm 11
10 Isac Gerdvall 10
11 Adam Segerlund 5
12 Caroline Larsson 3

Thank you Tomas Hagenfors, for great organizing of the tournament! Tomas has also started a new Gomoku/Renju Club in Hallsberg, i hope it can grow, great job Tomas!

Open Swedish Team Championships in Renju will be held 21-22 november in Norrkping. 3 players in each team. Taraguchi/RIF and gomoku is possible for new players, and players with low rank.

Wettercupen will be held in Jonkoping 12-13 december. Soosrv/RIF opening rules.
Free accomodation is possible, talk to Peter Jonsson, who is organizer of the tournament!

Of course, you are all welcome to participate in those tournaments!

Bjrn Lind

Ondra Nykl
#2 2009-11-26 05:15:21

Shameless self-promotion I see! Just kidding, good job and congrats man :)

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