Youth World Championship 2008

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Ando Meritee
#1 2008-07-22 06:06:24

The Youth World Championship takes place in Haapsalu, Estonia during August 3-9, 2008. The players from 10 countries are going to take part in this event.

The time schedule

August 3 - Day of Arrival
19.00 Opening ceremony

August 4
8.00 9.00 Breakfast
9.00 12.00 Round 1
12.00 13.00 Lunch
13.30 16.30 Round 2
17.00 18.00 Dinner
18.00 21.00 Round 3

August 5
8.00 9.00 Breakfast
9.00 12.00 Round 4
12.00 13.00 Lunch
13.30 16.30 Round 5
17.00 18.00 Dinner
18.00 21.00 Round 6

August 6
8.00 9.00 Breakfast
9.00 18.00(?) An activity in film studio
9.00 12.00 Round 7 (for group A)
For others swimming from 10.30-12.00
12.00 13.00 Lunch
14.00 16.00 Sightseeing in Haapsalu
17.00 18.00 Dinner
18.00 Gomoku blitz and beginners tournaments

August 7
8.00 9.00 Breakfast
9.00 12.00 Open tournament, RIF 20 years celebration for all.
12.00 13.00 Lunch
13.00 17.00 Open tournament, RIF 20 years celebration for all.
17.00 18.00 Dinner
18.00 19.00 Open tournament, RIF 20 years celebration for all.
19.30 Celebrations

August 8
8.00 9.00 Breakfast
9.00 12.00 Round 8
12.00 13.00 Lunch
13.30 16.30 Round 9
17.00 18.00 Dinner
18.00 21.00 Round 10

August 9
8.00 9.00 Breakfast
9.00 12.00 Round 11
12.00 13.00 Lunch
14.00 Okabe-san plays simultaneous gomoku games with beginners
17.00 Closing Ceremony

August 10
8.00 9.00 Breakfast

The players, trainers, organizers and referees

Hiroshi Okabe Japan A
Yoichi Tamada Japan A
Tomoharu Nakayama Japan B
Takayuki Ono Japan --
Attila Demjn Hungary A
Artur Tamiola Poland A
Michal Zajk Poland A
Marcin Majczyk Poland A
?? Wawrzyniec Poland A
Pawel Tarasinski Poland A
Jan Strdal Czech A
Jan Rejek Czech A
Pavel Laube Czech A
Ondrej Nykl Czech A
Linnea Widman Sweden D
Peter Jonsson Sweden --
Vahe Poghosyan Armenia C
Albert Poghosyan Armenia --
Jonathan Chen Chinese Taipei B
Peter Chen Chinese Taipei --
Jade Chen Chinese Taipei --
Raina Huang USA E
Wil Huang USA --
Nikolay Maximov Russia A
Sergey Romanov Russia A
Stepan Grishnin Russia A
Yevgeni Myasoyedov Russia A
Alexandr Kadulin Russia B
Maxim Merkulov Russia B
Artyom Merkulov Russia B
Roman Kruchok Russia B
Ruslan Savrasov Russia B
Ruslan Prokopyev Russia B
Pavel Sobolev Russia B
Nikita Gorohov Russia B
Maxim Kaspirovich Russia C
Alexey Vostryakov Russia C
Alexander Shlyundikov Russia C
Nikita Syomin Russia C
Yulia Savrasova Russia D
Tatyana Lebedeva Russia D
Nadezhda Belkina Russia E
Maria Pestereva Russia E
Tatyana Krayeva Russia E
Anastasja Oborina Russia E
Yulia Litvinova Russia E
Olga Kurdina Russia E
Anastasja Molotova Russia E
Alexandra Sumarokova Russia F
Galina Buyanova Russia F
Alina Litvinova Russia F
Irina Shlyundikova Russia --
Natalya Litvinova Russia --
Anzhela Prokopyeva Russia --
Alexandr Prokopyev Russia --
Sergey Volkov Russia --
Yuri Syomin Russia --
Alexey Skuridin Russia --
Irina Metreveli Russia --
Maxim Karasyov Russia --
Tunnet Taimla Estonia A
Aivo Oll Estonia A
Andry Purk Estonia A
Johann Lents Estonia A
Rauni Lillemets Estonia A
Mikk Oblikas Estonia A
Alvar Timmermann Estonia A
Timo Ilu Estonia A
Paul Vljataga Estonia B
Tauri Purk Estonia B
Sten Leesmann Estonia B
Ain Salula Estonia B
Rasmus Kodasma Estonia B
Claus Lemmik Estonia B
Taavi Audo Estonia B
Martin Hbemgi Estonia C
Rainer Kelk Estonia C
Kazimir Joala Estonia C
Kristjan Kngsepp Estonia C
Oskar Lui Veelma Estonia C
Erko Olumets Estonia C
Martin Nerman Estonia C
Markus Sden Estonia C
Reiko-Gregor Ruuda Estonia C
Igor Tammiste Estonia C
Artur Tammiste Estonia C
Madli Mirme Estonia D
Karin Klooster Estonia D
Tuuli Phjakas Estonia F
Pille Jgi Estonia F
Gerli Krjukov Estonia F
Madli Mtlik Estonia F
Marie Tulik Estonia F
Kristiin Kulpson Estonia F
Liisbet Vaher Estonia F
Hedvig Andrejev Estonia F
Ants Soosrv Estonia --
Ando Meritee Estonia --
Renee Pajuste Estonia --
Sander Sulane Estonia --
Peeter Kolk Estonia --
Tnis Tnav Estonia --
?? Phjakas Estonia --
Junhong Gao China --
Irene Karlsson Estonia --
Stefan Karlsson Sweden --
Jussi Ikonen Finland --

The tournament building

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