World Championship QT 1993

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Category: Tournament

Tournament: World Championship QT

People: Felix Degtyar, Nizami Eibatov, Hasegawa Kazuto, Anders Henningsson, Dmitry Ilyin, Stefan Karlsson, Mikhail Kozhin, Ando Meritee, Nikolay Mikhailov, Nara Hideki, Konstantin Nikonov, Albert Poghosyan, Aldis Reims, Sagara Takashi, Igor Savchenko, Ants Soosõrv, Ingvar Sundling


The World Championship 1993 was much different from the previous two World Championships because of the new qualification system that was used. RIF had decided to set national quotas for each country, and create a special Qualification Tournament where the players who did not have seats in A-final could fight for the 3 remaining A-final seats that were the awards for the 3 best in the Qualification Tournament.....

The article was written by Ando Meritee in 2002.

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