Youth World Championship 2004

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Category: Tournament

Tournament: 5th Youth World Championship

People: Ester Eggert, Timo Ilu, Alexander Kadulin, Kaia Kolk, Roman Kryuchok, Johann Lents, Nagao Noriaki, Okabe Hiroshi, Anna Okatova, Aivo Oll, Maria Pestereva, Albert Poghosyan, Andry Purk, Yulia Savrasova, Ants Soosõrv, Evgeny Sumarokov, Tunnet Taimla, Tamura Kazumasa, Alvar Timmermann, Pavel Vershinin


The Renju World Magazine No 50, edited by Ants Soosyrv.

Finally a big renju competition was held in this ancient country! Although only four countries took part (Armenia, Russia, Japan, Estonia), the maximum number of countries taking part in Youth World Championship has been five all through those years. Amazing, huh? However, the organizers are trying to increase the number of countries by constantly increasing the age limit. This time it went up to 23...

The article was written by Ants Soosyrv.

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