European Championship 2000

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Category: Tournament

Tournament: European Championship

People: Olexandr Drozd, Bjorn Eriksson, Sergey Filippov, Petter Gardström, Joachim Gaulitz, Goran Holgersson, Rickard Johannesson, Irene Karlsson, Stefan Karlsson, Alexander Klimashin, Johann Lents, Pavel Makarov, Ando Meritee, Vladimir Nazarov, Konstantin Nikonov, Konstantin Piddubny, Pavel Salnikov, Alexey Shereverov, Igor Sinyov, Karen Sirategyan, Ants Soosõrv, Vladimir Sushkov, Yuriy Tarannikov, Evelyn Tihkan, Roman Umantsiv


The Renju World Magazine No 37, edited by Ants Soos�rv.

For the first time a title tournament was held in Ukraine. Without a doubt it is necessary to organize big tournaments in different countries in order to popularise renju. RIF's policy has been at the same time liberal and conservative about this issue. In a country, where big tournaments have not been held yet, an international open tournament must be organized about a year before the big tournament. After that a final decision is made. Such a test tournament took place in Arjeplog in the summer of 1992, a year before Arjeplog World Championship, and also in Tallinn in 1993, before European Championship 1994. This system gives the organizers a reasonable responsibility to show their level earlier.

The article was written by Ants Soos�rv.

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