Interview with Konstantin Chingin in 2005

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Tournament: World Championship AT

People: Sergey Artemyev, Konstantin Chingin, Sergey Gruzin, Hannes Hermansson, Ando Meritee, Andry Purk, Yulia Savrasova, Ants Soosõrv


Renju World Magazine, WC extra 2005, edited by Ants Soosyrv.

In 2003 you got the 4th place 2,5 from winner. This time the 3rd place and only half a point less than the winner. Are you satisfied with your result?
Yes, I am satisfied with my result. I realize I was lucky during the entire tournament, so it could have been worse but unlikely on the contrary.

Also the
are here.
The interview was made by Ants Soosyrv.

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