World Championship Finals 2005

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Category: Tournament

Tournament: World Championship AT

People: Tord Andersson, Sergey Artemyev, Konstantin Chingin, Hannes Hermansson, Stefan Karlsson, Ando Meritee, Okabe Hiroshi, Andry Purk, Yulia Savrasova, Ants Soosõrv, Vladimir Sushkov, Tunnet Taimla, Yuriy Tarannikov, Bjorn Wallgren


Renju World Magazine, special WC 2005 edition, edited by Ants Soos�rv.

Representatives of four countries had made it this time to the world�s most important renju tournament. Although there were 'only' five Russians, the main referee Bj�rn Wallgren had a lot of trouble figuring out the fairest system of drawing lots. An important thing to consider is that players from one country should not meet each other in the last two rounds and at the same time the colours in the games should be fairly equal between countries. Bj�rn did very well with this task.

The article was written by Ants Soos�rv.

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