World Championship Blitz 2005

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Category: Tournament

Tournament: World Championship Blitz

People: Cheng Wei-Yuan, Mikhail Kozhin, Johann Lents, Ando Meritee, Aivo Oll, Andry Purk, Yulia Savrasova, Ants Soosõrv, Tunnet Taimla, Arnis Veidemanis


Renju World Magazine, WC 2005 special edition, edited by Ants Soosyrv.

Following the example of WC in Kyoto 2001 and Vadstena two years ago we also decided to organize a blitz tournament. I wish to remind you here that in Kyoto the players of AT couldnt take part in it as they had to be at another tournament. The situation was wisely taken advantage of by Johann Lents who became the winner. At the previous WC the blitz tournament took part before the AT. Players werent too excited about the tournament though and many Russian stars and other players decided not to play. Ando Meritee won the tournament and next world champion Tunnet got to the B-finals where he won the fist place after two losses in the beginning and quite a struggle. On the whole he got the ninth place....

The article was written by Ants Soosyrv.

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