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Farmer Lu
Taipei, Chinese Taipei

Kyu/dan: 1 dan
Birthday: 1971-08-03
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Welcome to Blog

Farmer Lu is one of the biggest supporters of renju in the field of technology in the world! Since 2000 he has provided server space as well as advice and programming help in several renju projects, such as Online Renju Class, ORC Works, ORC Game Center, RIF site ( Without his support, all these above mentioned projects could not have come true.

In addition to his dedication to renju as a supporter, he is also a renju player of 1 dan and keeps improving. Since he also plays Go game in high level, therefore learning renju is easy for him.

Among his many skills there is also a programming skill (9 dan in programming). He has written a nice program of Go game as well as many other programs.

In addition to computer technology, he has been a publisher of serveral Go game books. In the nearest future, he and Ando Meritee will publish serveral renju books together both in English and Chinese languages.

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