Sports Commission

The Sports Commission was Established in 1997, by General Assembly. The Sports Commission within RIF is responsible for publishing renju tournaments played all over the world. Tournaments are published in three periods during the year, January - May 15, May 16 - August and September - December. Publishing is done at least one month before the period starts.

Tournaments that will be calculated on the official RIF rating list are marked with "(Rated)". These tournaments are played with the official RIF renju rules and the time limit is at least 30 minutes per player. For more information contact the Sports Commission.

[The list of future tournaments]

Contact Sports Commission

If you have any question about a tournament above or if you have
information about other tournaments coming up, please contact the
person responsible for the country where the tournament is held
or will be held, according to below list:

Name		E-mail			Responsible for countries
----		------			-------------------------

Yoshihiro Iio	Japan
Pavel Salnikov		Armenia, Azerbaijan,
					Byelorussia, Russia,
Ants Soosõrv	Czech Republic, Estonia,
					Finland, Korea, Poland,
Stefan Karlsson	All other countries

Stefan KarlssonSwedenChairman
Yoshihiro IioJapanMember
Pavel SalnikovRussiaMember
Ants SoosõrvEstoniaMember
Aivo OllEstoniaMember