The Protocol of General Assembly 2013

10.08.2013 15:00

Present: Cao Dong, China; Chen Kohan, Chinese Taipei; Hiroshi Okabe, Japan; Aivo Oll, Estonia; Ants soosorv, Estonia; Madli Mirme, Estonia; Natalja Nikonova, Russia; Dmitri Epifanov, Russia; Pavel Salnikov, Russia; Stefan Karlsson, Sweden; Peter Jonsson, Sweden; Attila Demjan, Hungary; Piotr Malowiejski, Poland; Stepan Tesarik, Czech Republic; Vladimir Nipoti, Czech Republic

Chairman: Peter Jonsson

Secretary: Madli Mirme


  • How to organize the GA: make it more like a discussion and make decisions later by e-mail. Make easier decisions during this meeting.
  • First topic is opening rule.
  • Idea of having the position of RIF Manager.
  • Concerning TWC and YEC - sport committe and central committe should make these decisions. Concerning GETC - Czech has proposed to hold it. Russia might have a proposition for EC, if noone else can hold it.
  • We will have a look at the financials and the budget.
  • One other is Aivo's idea about changes to the statutes. We should look into this more carefully.
  • Sports Comission document should be discussed.
  • Epifanov can give some options about Gomoku Offline Wolrd Championship.
  • Ants thinks we need much bigger changes, because the RIF for now is not working: RIF Manager, Gomoku position in statutes (Angst would like Gomoku commission to get some kind of report about this), possibility to form Renju and Gomoku European Federation.
  • Epifanov thinks we should discuss gomoku ratings.
  • Russia would like to add Tarannikov rule to be certified. RULES
  • Japanese federation hasn't agreed yet, but Russia offer Yamasorv 7. We can't decide right now, because we should consider the decisions and offers from asian countries, because they are the ones holding TWC next year.
  • Kawamura thinks that Yamasorv rule is better that any other suggestion, but probably we can't make the decision before 2-3 years. Japanese think Yamaguchi rule should be the RIF rule. Yamasorv should be tested for a couple of WCs and we might introduce the new rule later.
  • We should put this topic to e-mail discussion.

RIF future and Manager position

  • Estonian proposition is RIF Manager position. This position would have rather a lot of power in the organisation. The main problem is that there is noone who is taking on the responsibility for promoting the games, everyone is doing it from the side of some main job as a hobby. There should be someone who is investing a lot more time and effort into it. The main responsibility of this position would be to get RIF to SportAccord. For this we need to fill in certain critereas from which the biggest one is having 40 member countries. One of the ideas is to talk to organizers of other games like go or draughts to promote our games at their events, also it is important to find organizers in new countries, to build a network of people who work towards this common goal. This is a longterm project, at least 2 years.
  • Russian idea was to create European Renju and Gomoku Federation, which would take all the repsonsibility for the games in Europe. It would be better if Madli could lead it, would give a better position than RIF Manager.
  • Ants thinks that maybe Madli can be both.
  • Piotr thinks Madli should make a plan about sponsors and European Federation. Should make a business plan, budget and see how much money this position would need.
  • One of the responsibilities should maybe be gathering information about different ways of promoting the games and handing it out to organizers in different countries.

Title championships

  • TWC - central committe and sports commission will agree
  • EC - Russian proposal: we would like to lose the BT and lose the QT and make just one tournament with longer time - more rounds. This would also mean the quota per country as well. We have written regulations for EC, so we would need to make some changes there. Also one other porposal by Dmitri would be to give the organizer the right to insert wild card to the tournament.
  • Can GTEC be in the formal title event of RIF?? This is up to sports commission. The sports commission and gomoku commission should set a date to discuss this issue.
  • A few years ago we discussed about championship for seniors. Peter was thinking about having this in coelission with youth championships.

Financials and budget

  • Profit for the latest two years is about 400 EUR.
  • Main costs are and renju world
  • Main profits are member fees.
  • Totally we have about 5000 EUR
  • We have about 800 books of Five-in-a-row books left out of 1000. This might be a good place to get some extra money.
  • The question is: should we continue with the renju world and the site as they are.
  • Attila thinks we should invest more in updating the site. Ants will talk to Ando about these possiblities and will report back about results.


  • Peter thinks we might do the changes that Aivo proposed and some more, but we shouldn't do this lightly and should take some time for it.
  • Piotr thinks that there were some changes agreed before, but the document on is not updated yet. This should be checked before making any new changes.
  • The statutes changes should be agreed in TWC next year.

LianHuan opening rule

  • Cao shows the rule: if the first player puts one move anywhere, the opponent can't swap. If the first player puts two moves, the second one can still swap - opponent can either put one stone and stick with it or put two new moves, so that the first player can choose again to either put one stone and stick with the colour or put two moves.
  • There is a version LianHuan 2011, which is a center opening.
  • GA would like the explanation of the rule in English.

Youth Fond

  • It is going well. We have sponsors from many countries.
  • If there are any more people who would like to donate
  • Maybe there's a possibility to get the number of the account on the homepage, so that we would find more sponsors.

Sports commission documents

  • Aivo has already sent out the document 3 times, but it did not get approved.

Gomoku e-mail World Championship

  • Dmitri was asked about gomoku timecontrol with 100 days.
  • There is possibility to hold it one the same server as the renju e-mail world championship. Although there are some technical problems: first is space, which might need some financial investment. Second is about certification of players, everyone is supposed to have a contact person, who can vouch for them.
  • Attila is already working on a new site. It might start in a few months and he would be happy to organize the event on that site. Gomoku rating
  • Russian players have some question about the rating list on gomoku world site.
  • This is probably a technical question, not for the assembley.

Problem in the AT

  • There was a situation, where a decision needed to be made about allowing the player to analyze 5th moves or not. Pavel Salnikov feels that this should be decided before the tournament in the Sports Commission or General Assembley.


  • Peter will quite fast publish this and other people can add points as well.
  • There will 5-6 week time until the decisions need to be made.
  • Follows the list of people with vote from each country. China - Chen Wei - ...
    Poland - Piotr Malowiejski -
    Chinese Taipei - Lin Huang-Yu -
    Estonia - Ants Soosorv -
    Czech Republic - not paid yet - Stefan will check with Ales

General Assembley has finished at 18:50.