European Commission

The European Commission was Established in 1997, by General Assembly. The purpose of the commission was stated in General Assembly protocol in 1997: The European Commission's task is to try to start Renju activities in new countries and also help other european "not established countries" to develop Renju activities.

The Chairman of European Commission, Ants Soosõrv has done a great job in that field already. Before we did not about renju country Finland, but thanks to Soosõrv's continuous efforts, there have been tournaments in Finland every year, and lots of Finland players have joined the activities. Swedish players have been very supportive, too, and joined the tournaments in Finland before, to help with its progress. Now, the Finland players are very active, they even joined the European Championship in Estonia.

About the renju propaganda in Western Europe - it has not been very successful yet, but it is natural that such changes will take a long period of time.

Peter JonssonSwedenChairman
Ants SoosõrvEstoniaMember
Samuli SaarenpääFinlandMember