Kawamura Cup 2021, online
Estonia, Tallinn, May 2021 (05-01 - 05-02), Taraguchi-10 rule

NB! Will be played  in and "face to face". There will be groups A and B. In gr.A Taraguchi-10 rules. Time control is 30min+ 2sec, 9 rounds in Swiss will be played
Start is 9:00 a.m. by Estonian and Moscow time (8:00 Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden; 14:00 in China Chinese Taipei, Macau; 15:00 in Japan, Korea.

Time-table of A-tournament:
May 1-st

1. round 9:00
2. round 10:15
3. round 11:30
4. round 13:00
5. round 14:15

May 2nd

6. round 10:00
7. round 11:15
8. round 12:45
9. round 14:00

NB! As we plan serious, RIF rated online A-tournament, we plan system of players identification and using cameras. About exact conditions we will announce later. Registration to A-tournament we ask before April 29. (22:00 by Estonian time)

B-tournament is totally opened, no pre-registration, 7min+2sec, 9 rounds, Taraguchi-10

B-tournament will held May 1-st 11:00 - ca 13:00

Tournament room will be opened 30 minutes before tournament.
For participation you need to have registrated user in
For that you need to:
- Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage)
- Fill your username and password and e-mail
- Press to link in confirmation letter in your mailbox
- Log in with your username and password
- Select your language you want to use from left side of site
- press to "games"
- press to tournaments on right side of page
- press "register", blue botton on right side of page. If you have "mark" before your name, you are succesfully registrated

Some important technical info For gr. A:

- Players can play alone, or gather together with club. In club must be local referee taking care about fair play

- Each player should have one or more devices (phones, tables, other) with the sole purpose of using it for showing the live video of the location. It is mandatory during the active games, and optional during the break time.
- The video devices have to be installed (for example placed on tripods) so that all the players of that location are clearly visible during the active games. One camera view can cover multiple players (if players are playing together in club).
- In parallel with the games platform ( we will be using Zoom ( as the platform for connecting all the video sources together.
- The purpose of connecting the video streams from all the locations together is to create a good friendship connection and atmosphere for the tournament, and also to allow referees have full overview of all the players.
-  April 30, 2021, the organizing committee will send out the detailed description of the use of the video conferencing under Zoom. It is not required to register an account for Zoom. When being invited, the devices with the video camera can simply connect to the event. While joining the video conference, the user will be asked to provide a name for their video channel. Please use the name that contains both the name of the location as well the position of the camera, or sequence number if the position cannot be described well. For example "Tallinn, Main View" or "Macau #1".
- You can send your questions about video related topics to Ando Meritee ( in advance, including, if you would like to test the Zoom meetings in advance.
- It is recommended to keep the video channels muted normally, to avoid echo and unnecessary noise, and only unmute when making speeches or conversations with the other locations.
- The main hosting computer of the video conferencing will be located in Estonia, at the tournament location (Ando's appartment). If you happen to disconnect at any time, you can simply re-connect again as soon as possible.
- You can relocate the cameras or change their quantity during the event any time you like, as long as the minimum conditions are met (all active games are visible).
- Beware of the bandwidth conditions of your location. Make sure that you have enough upload and download bandwidth to have successful multi-way video conferencing.

- The players in each location have to follow the same rules as in case of the live face to face tournaments. The players and observers should not talk in the live games room, also, any kind of game assistance (human and computer) is prohibited. The players are allowed to stand up and walk around the tournament room (within the view of the camera) during the games. The players may look at the other players screens, as in real life tournaments, but not communicate and disturb anything. Leaving the game room during the live game is not allowed in the isolated locations, such as homes. It is only allowed in the official club locations, with the approval of the referee and when accompanied by the "coach".

About using a real board together with computer. For the main goal is to avoid staring at the monitor and have an opportunity to look at the board instead. Of course, camera coverage must include this board. Player, using a real board MUST make move first in and later copy same move on board. Of course, NOT any analysing can be made on board.