Schoolchildren Open Team Championship - POSTPONED
Estonia, Laagri, March 2020 (03-14 - 03-15), Gomoku - swap2 rule

NB! Tournament is postponed because of decision of local goverment! New dates will be announced ASAP

Organisers - Laagri Hobbyschool and Estonian Renju Union
Tournament place -  Laagri School, Veskitammi 22,  Laagri (13 km from Tallinn center to  Riga direction)

Preliminary schedule:
First day
11:00-11:45 - Arrival of players
12:00 Opening, pairing
12:15 – Rounds 1.-5.
13:45 Lunch
14:30 – Rounds 6.-11.
16:30 – Announcement of results of first day.

Second day
10:00 -Tournament for teams who didnt enter Play off
11:30 - Prize ceremony for this tournament
11:45 -1/8 and 1/4 finals
13:30 – Semifinals, finals
15:00 – Prize Ceremony

First day 11 rounds Swiss, without clocks (referee use clocks in case of long games)
Second day clocks will be used from 1/4 finals (10 minutes to game)
Temas consist of 3 players, there can be 2 reserve players. Before tournament should be clear order of tables.
gomoku swap-2 rule is used

Prizes: Best teams will get  medals. Small prizes to each team
Referees:  Ants Soosyrv,