2011 Christmas LianHuan Tournament  |  Games (92)
China, Beijing, December 2011 (12-24 - 12-24), LianHuan-2011 rule

Dec. 24, 2011, Beijing Qiyuan, LianHuan-2011 rule. 33 Players. Swiss system, 6 rounds.

From open, the black stone and white stone be made moves alternately. The opening of a game (first 5 moves), when it is your turn to move, you have two ways of choice, either one move of turn to color or couple moves (a black & a white). If you make one move then your opponent has to turn to another color stone. If you make couple moves, your opponent can swap right (make move(s) or not). From 6th move the Black and White will be finalize, until end the game.
- The first player puts the 1st move in the center on the board, or puts 1st in H8 and 2nd (white one) in direct or indirect.
- The 3rd move should be one of the 26 openings.
- If 5th move be put only, the opponent have to made 6th move and the game continues normally by renju rules. If 4-5th moves be put, the opponent can put 6th or not (swap)

1, Li Yi, 3.5p + +
2, Qiu Yunfei, 3.5p + -
3, Wang Shuo, 3.5p - +
4, Zhang Jinyu, 3.5p - -
5, Cao Dong, 5p
6, Zhao Liangjie, 4.5
7, Hu Xi, 4
8, Xu Zhilong 4