Enjoy the happiness of Final of The 4th ORC Tournament


By Wang Peng (killer21st)

   The final of the 4th ORC tournament finished under all renju fans expecting. 20 players gave us 190 excellent games during 80 days. First, we should thank for all of 20 good players, and surely, we should thank for our great teacher Ando and also the program designer luwenzhe! You give us a beautiful place to improve our renju skills, and enjoy the happiness with the matches! I am very glad to be invited by luwenzhe for writing this article for the tournament.

   The most important characteristic of this tournament is the hot competition, you couldnít find that one great player won the tournament and got the champion easily in usual tournament before. That is, nobody could get a clear lead. Beerman who got the final champion had only 15.5 points, it means that he lost 3.5 points. These are equal to 3 lose and 1 draw. No one could keep no lose record in total 20 players, and 7 players of top 10 got their places by the coefficient. So the match is cruel, but the more important is the hot competition we mentioned.

   Itís really a high league tournament for us. The finalists include some Group A players in email WC such as beerman, luwenzhe, linas2 and dvoegalz. And also Group B&C players such as whte, killer21st, yangxuzl and guminzhao. We could say that they are all best players in this kind of slow renju games. But we still have regret, FIFAWORLDCUP and another 4 players who got the final tournament tickets already didnít signup. Thatís a pity! Instead these 5 players, aivo and another 4 players who got the 11-20 places in QT joined this final tournament.

   As the forum admin of Renjukings which is a best renju team in China, I did a special report for this final tournament. I wrote 159 articles which were read over 1900 times in total 80 days. Many Chinese renju fans knew more about renjuclass by these articles, also they enjoyed these excellent games.

   Now letís review this tournament by following my thought on forum.

   At the beginning time,yyfcsd, intotherenju, whte and reigo didnít open their games for a long time, then yzhnie warned them. In this four players, yyfcsd was enjoying his happiness of Marriage, intotherenju and whte were attending the First Asia Renju Tournament in Beijing, China. Because of the great researching of D8 opening, all of 20 players avoid the D8 more or less, and some only remain D8 opening games finished quickly, all black had a win! At the same time, D3 opening was the leading role in tournament, the blackís variety became the important case. All of players choose D3 opening, such as me, I experienced 17 D3 and 2 D11 games! Amazing!

   The first ended game came from lar880n vs serdyuk.serdyuk got the winner so easily,but he dropped some left games at last,thatís a pity!bawangwan who comes from Shanghai, China got 6 continual wins in short time after he lost beerman and jahre. Among these wins,here was a surprised game. bawangwan won linas2 with D8 opening, thatís very cool. but we should say: A really good-experienced slow-renjugames player is not be a fast speed player at first, he often glances all his fighters and watches the new variant of games on going.

   As the days going, the champion seems to be clear. At the day beerman won linas2, jahre also won Luwenzhe. The spark came from the games between Great man gave us enough signal about champion. coco_yuang and jahre gave us the first draw at 21st day of the tournament. we had 34 games finished, but only 1 draw! It seems that all players were very serious and not easy to drop winning. I think, it could thanks to Ando RT. He always emphasized the importance of match spirit which is already deep in our mind. Thatís a good start.

   Later jahre showed his strong skill for us, he was a leader in a long time. Otherwise, the female player coco_yuang played well at the beginning of the tournemant, she sat in 3rd place in a long time. Yyfcsd also started to find the feeling, he got a 4-wins continually. The tournement went the mid-time, beerman won 6 of top10 players one by one, maybe he was telling to us ĒI will be the champion!Ē

   There were 20 finished games on 18th, Nov. The place changed severely. So we had a question at this time: what is the min point for top10? We know, everyone of 20 players has 19 games and we choose top 10. It looks as if 10 points is enough, but it is false. Seen from the final results, 11 points is also no use. coco_yuang had 11 points very early, but what waited for her was the 11th place. the continue winning leads Luwenzhe a three days leader, surely, only four players got this leading seat, they are bawangwan, jahre, luwenzhe and beerman.

   As coco_yuang,guminzhao,luwenzhe and lar880n finished all their games,our the final of the 4th ORC tournament came to the end time.at this time killer21st who came from Tianjin,China got his four wins with lingdodo,guminzhao,dvoeglaz and whte,and then,we saw an unbelievable game.intotherenju who was the QT champion did his own open three after his oppenent killer21st gave an open three.itís really a weak mistake!his dream of keeping no lose was break up by this mistake,what a pity!with the help of this 1 point,killer21st could have 2nd place finally if he had any win of his left 4 game.amazing!

   In the competition of 10th place lingdodo won dvoeglaz by time first, at the same time coco_yuang maybe feel very sad. Then lingdodo showed us his great power, he got a draw with beerman! Itís an excellent game, so lingdodo is an excellent player, too. He got the 10th place with this 0.5

   In a great game jahre won the strong beerman, it means that no one could keep the myth of no lose. Jahre did a very smart job! As an old renjuclass member, jahre told us that you could improve your renju skills day and day if you had a hard-working in renjuclass. He gave us these words by his game. Thatís great!

   In the rest time, some draw occurred such as bawangwan vs linas2, killer21st vs linas2, intotherenju vs bawangwan. Another female player whte ended all her games, she got 12th at last. Two female players got 11th and 12th, thatís a pity more or less. killer21st couldnít win bawangwan with good attrack chance, he got 4th finally. But he is satisfy with the result.

   No flowers, no applaud, only 190 excellent games left by 20 good renjuclass students. The final of the 4th ORC tournament ended. Letís congratulations to Beerman, intotherenju and jahre for top 3 place! Itís a great victory! All of the top 10 players will attend the final 5th Tournement in 2004.

   The offical results of final of the 4th ORC tournament is as below:

1. Beerman
2. Intotherenju
3. jahre
4. killer21st
5. luwenzhe
6. bawangwan
7. linas2
8. yyfcsd
9. guminzhao
10. lingdodo
11. coco_yuang
12. whte
13. yangxuzl
14. lar880n
15. dvoeglaz
16. nick_hopper
17. aivo
18. serdyuk
19. bentley
20. reigo

   With the good experience of three times Tournaments before, the final of 4th Tournament has a very good organization and signup. We enjoyed the real renju matches. We should thank for Ando RT, and also Luwenzhe GGM. All we enjoyed are under your hard working!I hope more and more good renjuclass students could attend the Tournament every year, and we will enjoy the happiness together!

2004.1.1 (killer21st)