News No. 417, 2019-03-07
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Dear friends,

Pavel Makarov won Russian Championship (played Feb. 16.-24.) in very interesting battle:

1. Pavel Makarov 11 points   VIII dan
2. Konstantin Nikonov  10,5 VII dan
3. Oleg Fedorkin 10,5   VII dan
4. Dmitry Epifanov  10,5   VIII dan
5. Maxim Lavrik-Karmazin 10,5 VII dan
6. Denis Kachaev 9,5 VII dan
7. Maxim Karasev 9 VII dan
8. Denis Fedotov 9 VIII dan
9. Pavel Salnikov 8,5 VII dan
10. Sergey Artemiev 7 VII dan
11. Alexey Mikhailov 6 V dan
12. Alexander Radzevelyuk  4,5 VI dan
13. Ilya Katsev 4 VI dan
14. Evgeny Smirnov 3,5 VI dan
15. Maxim Metreveli 3,5 VI dan
16. Victor Barykin 2,5 VI dan
Full table and games you can see here:

Irina Metreveli won Russian Champinship among Women (14 participants):
1. Irina Metreveli 7 points (out of 8) V dan
2. Daria Iusupmurzina 6,5 V dan
3. Sofia Tolstoguzova IV dan
Full table and games you can see here:

Organisers are preparing 2nd Sopai Cup in September 11.-15. And we will give you  information ASAP
I also bring 1-st Sopai Cup results with estimated honourable dans from RIF to  Chinese players

1     Ni Zhongxing CHN   7.5  25:W 22:W 11:D  6:W 16:W  3:D  8:W 12:W  4:D    VIII dan
2    Li Xiaoqing   CHN  7    32:W 21:W  8:L  7:W  5:L 16:W 18:W  3:W 11:W VII dan
3    Nakayama Tomoharu JPN       6.5  15:W 27:W 12:D  9:W  8:W  1:D 11:W  2:L  6:D  
4     Xie Weixiang  CHN  6.5  14:W 36:W  9:D 12:L 28:W 17:W  7:D  8:W  1:D VII dan
5     Zhang Yifeng CHN   6.5  20:W 16:L 15:W 36:W  2:W  8:L 17:W 11:D 14:W VII dan
6    Lan Zhiren  CHN    6.5  10:W 23:D 28:W  1:L 36:W 18:D 19:W 13:W  3:D VII dan
7     Chen Xin    CHN       6.5  13:W 17:L 37:W  2:L 44:W 29:W  4:D 15:W 12:W VII dan
8     Wang Qingqing CHN  6    19:W 45:W  2:W 16:W  3:L  5:W  1:L  4:L 20:W  VII dan
9     Fan Xingcen  CHN   6    42:W 18:W  4:D  3:L 24:L 13:D 38:W 26:W 17:W  VI dan
10   Villem Mesila  EST,           6     6:L 30:L 49:W 44:L 32:W 31:W 22:W 18:W 21:W
11    Wai Chan Keong Macau  5.5  29:W 33:W  1:D 23:W 12:W 14:D  3:L  5:D  2:L  VI dan
12   Qi Guan   CHN         5.5  41:W 31:W  3:D  4:W 11:L 24:W 14:W  1:L  7:L  VI dan
13    Wu Zhiqin  CHN     5.5   7:L 48:W 27:W 19:W 14:L  9:D 30:W  6:L 23:W  VI dan
14    Wang Yelin CHN     5.5   4:L 44:W 42:W 25:W 13:W 11:D 12:L 24:W  5:L  VI dan
15   Kamiya Shunsuke  JPN,         5.5   3:L 40:W  5:L 31:W 42:W 30:D 37:W  7:L 24:W
16    Zhang Wenbo CHN    5    43:W  5:W 17:W  8:L  1:L  2:L 42:W 20:L 31:W  VI dan
17    Ma Hongzhou CHN    5    48:W  7:W 16:L 26:W 29:W  4:L  5:L 19:W  9:L  VI dan
18    Liu Yang  CHN         5    35:W  9:L 20:D 37:W 23:W  6:D  2:L 10:L 28:W   VI dan
19   Tauri Purk EST              5     8:L 49:W 31:W 13:L 21:W 25:W  6:L 17:L 30:W
20    Huang Shengming CHN 5     5:L 43:W 18:D 24:L 47:W 23:W 26:D 16:W  8:L  VI dan
21    Cheng Yanzhen CHN  5    26:W  2:L 45:W 29:L 19:L 33:W 28:W 37:W 10:L  VI dan
22    Lu Hai  CHN           5    38:W  1:L 29:L 41:W 26:D 28:D 10:L 33:W 34:W  VI dan
23   Fedotov Denis  RUS           4.5  30:W  6:D 24:W 11:L 18:L 20:L 43:W 27:W 13:L
24    Zhu Tianyi  CHN    4.5  28:D 47:W 23:L 20:W  9:W 12:L 29:W 14:L 15:L V dan
25    Hong Pengcheng CHN 4.5   1:L 38:W 34:W 14:L 33:W 19:L 27:L 29:W 26:D  V dan
26    Qiu Yujin   CHN    4.5  21:L 32:W 30:W 17:L 22:D 43:W 20:D  9:L 25:D   V dan
27    Huang Jianguang CHN 4.5  40:W  3:L 13:L 43:D 37:L 47:W 25:W 23:L 36:W   V dan
28    Meng Jiehuan  CHN  4    24:D 46:W  6:L 47:W  4:L 22:D 21:L 32:W 18:L   IV dan
29    Hu Guanzhao   CHN  4    11:L 50:W 22:W 21:W 17:L  7:L 24:L 25:L 43:W  IV dan
30   Irina Metreveli RUS         4    23:L 10:W 26:L 46:W 45:W 15:D 13:L 36:D 19:L   IV dan
31    Zhao Duping CHN    4    39:W 12:L 19:L 15:L 46:W 10:L 45:W 38:W 16:L  IV dan
32    Huo Jiuxu CHN      4     2:L 26:L 38:L 35:W 10:L 48:W 39:W 28:L 44:W   IV dan
33   Okabe Hiroshi JPN           4    50:W 11:L 36:L 39:W 25:L 21:L 35:W 22:L 42:W
34    Wang Xinhui CHN    4    47:D 37:L 25:L 48:W 43:L 39:D 44:W 42:W 22:L IV dan
35    Guo Haisen CHN     4    18:L 42:L 43:L 32:L 41:W 50:W 33:L 46:W 37:W IV dan
36    Sun Jinxue  CHN    3.5  44:W  4:L 33:W  5:L  6:L 42:L 40:W 30:D 27:L  III dan
37   Tao Junji CHN      3.5  46:D 34:W  7:L 18:L 27:W 45:W 15:L 21:L 35:L  III dan
38    Liu Xun   CHN         3.5  22:L 25:L 32:W 42:L 50:W 44:W  9:L 31:L 39:D  III dan
39   Peng Lulu CHN      3.5  31:L 41:D 46:D 33:L 40:D 34:D 32:L 45:W 38:D  III dan
40   Shi Yutong CHN     3.5  27:L 15:L 48:W 45:L 39:D 46:D 36:L 41:D 47:W  III dan
41    Song Yu   CHN         3.5  12:L 39:D 47:L 22:L 35:L 49:W 46:D 40:D 48:W III dan
42    Ling Shijie CHN    3     9:L 35:W 14:L 38:W 15:L 36:W 16:L 34:L 33:L  II dan
43    Yu Yajun   CHN     3    16:L 20:L 35:W 27:D 34:W 26:L 23:L 48:D 29:L II dan
44    Zhang Jiguo CHN    3    36:L 14:L 50:W 10:W  7:L 38:L 34:L 49:W 32:L II dan
45    Zhong Yuyang CHN   3    49:W  8:L 21:L 40:W 30:L 37:L 31:L 39:L 50:W II dan
46    Guo Song   CHN        2.5  37:D 28:L 39:D 30:L 31:L 40:D 41:D 35:L 49:D  I dan
47    Ma Shiwei CHN      2.5  34:D 24:L 41:W 28:L 20:L 27:L 49:L 50:W 40:L  I dan
48   Hanna-Kai Reimand EST       2.5  17:L 13:L 40:L 34:L 49:W 32:L 50:W 43:D 41:L
49    Han Yu   CHN          1.5  45:L 19:L 10:L 50:L 48:L 41:L 47:W 44:L 46:D  I dan
50   Tian Hanfa  CHN    1    33:L 29:L 44:L 49:W 38:L 35:L 48:L 47:L 45:L  I dan

Friendly, Ants

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