News No. 413, 2019-01-05
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Happy New Year, Dear friends!

There were several renju and gomoku tournaments in the end of 2018 and New Year have started actively as well.
First, as you know, Nakamura-san and Nakayama-san made draw in their 4th game of 56th Meijin-sen match and Nakamura-san won match 3-1!
Big international and strong (at least in European level) tournaments were played in Tallinn Open.
Renju AT was won by Georg-Romet Topkin, followed by Aivo Oll and Stefan Karlsson:

1. Georg-Romet Topkin, EST 7 (out of 8)
2. Aivo Oll, EST 6
3. Stefan Karlsson, SWE 5,5 (38,5)
4. Vladimir Sushkov, RUS 5,5 (38)
5. Viktor Balabai, RUS 5
6. Ilya Katsev, RUS 4,5

1. Ilya Katsev 7 (out of 7)
2. Kuno Kolk, EST 5
3. Georg-Romet Topkin 5

Full tables of Renju AT, BT and gomoku you can find here:

Renju games you can in, gomoku games soon from

In the end of 2018, Dec. 23 also tournament in South Korea was played - – here you can see results and games.
Right now there is going team tournament in St. Petersburg – 5 russian and 4 estonian teams take part. Also Christmas tournament in one of Russian renju centers – Rybinsk started today.

Big Poduga tournament ended yesterday. Hopefully we can see results and games Russian tournaments soon. Right now I know that among yuniors in Poduga 3 best were Fedotov, Semenov and Metreveli.

NB! Important note – renju Euroleague will start on Monday, January 7th! Please hurry up with registrating teams – registration finish Sunday, Jan 6th. – (games will be played oin

And finally – about title tournaments in Estonia this summer – European Youth Renju and Gomoku Championship and World Renju and Gomoku Championship – we will try to send preliminary information about these tournaments ASAP.

Friendly, Ants


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