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I went to the Yang Ming Shan mountain2008-04-27 21:46:28
While being in Taipei, it is important to use a good opportunity to climb nearby mountains, because in Estonia we do not have any big mountains. The biggest mountain in Estonia is a bit above 300 meters.

I climbed (walked actually) over several mountains today in the Yang Ming Shan National Park, the highest of which (Seven Star mountain) is 1120 meters high. I spent about 5 hours on the mountain walk today. Luckily the weather was good, and I was able to take many photos. I will show some of the photos below as well, together with comments.

Such mountain walking is very popular here, and lots of people come to the mountains, especially on weekends. There are nicely built paths here, even the stairs, made of rocks. There are also the maps available for visitors. The maps contain information about the elevation of landscape (like orienteering maps), together with marked paths.

before going to such walk, one has to prepare himself. It is good to have a small back-bag, containing a bottle of water, maybe some snacks for energy, a towel, an UV-protection cream, a light rain coat, map, photo camera, and maybe sun-glasses if your eyes are sensitive to bright light (Asian people usually do not need them, because their eyes are dark brown or almost black, therefore not sensitive to sunlight). You do not need a compass because you can navigate by the shapes of mountains around you, besides, most paths contain some  signs here and there, telling you which way you are going.
Here, on the photo, I am on the east side of Seven Star mountain, descending. Since I did not feel tired, I went on to climb a few more mountains after that. The weather was good, so was the mood. :)

This is one more photo from that descent, a bit different angle, so you can see different mountains behind me.

Here you can see how the typical walking path looks like in the Yang Ming Shan National Park. It is good because then the shoes can remain clean, on the other hand the path may be slippery in rainy days and one has to be careful, especially while descending.

Which way to go? To the "Silk Thread Waterfall" or "Cold Water Puddle" or "Bamboo Mountain"? :) It is always good to check the map in such cases.

About 1.5 hours later, I am on another mountain already. I am taking a photo towards the Seven Star mountain (the highest one) which I climbed first earlier today. The Seven Star mountain looks very beautiful. The weather was a bit cloudy, so the peak of the mountain is not very clear.

Here I spoil the nice view of Seven Star mountain by blocking it with myself. :) I asked some other hikers to take the photo for me.

Do you know these animals? What kind of "cow" is it? I think most people can see them only in the zoo. I approached them quietly and slowly, not to irritate them, and then took a photo from 3-4 meters away. They did not seem to care about my presence at all. They live their normal life on those mountains.

Here, one more photo. Actually this was the first photo of the day - I took it on the Seven Star mountain. Since the mountain is so high and reaches the clouds, so the weather there is often foggy and darker than in lower mountains.

I welcome you to join me next time, if you are interested. :)
But then I thought, better to end this story with a greener picture. It was also one of the last photos of the day. Thanks for reading this story! :))

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