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Is Taraguchi rule a big change and Yamaguchi small?2008-02-21 06:36:17
RIF General Assembly is soon coming and we have opportunity to make change in opening rules. As i am sure that we need changes quickly, i have come to decision, that even change to Yamaguchi what is not my favorite rule is better than  change nothing. This is why i was also one of authors of "Tallinn letter". We (estonians) have tried to play Yamaguchi rule more than before and if 2 players want to create interesting its easier than with RIF rules. But one thing is difficult for me to understand. I remember once  Mr. Yamaguchi told that with Taraguchi rule we lose 98 % of current theory, but change with Yamaguchi rule is slight. Maybe its true summary. But if we play with Taraguchi rule and one of players wish to play something crazy, but opponent not,  then its difficult for the first player to play something crazy (he can do it of course, but probably not with good result :) ). So what i want to say is that with Taraguchi rules we can discover new variants quietly step by step and real change at the beginning wont be very big, defenetly we wont use 98% new variants immediately. I dont need special prepations to start to play with Taraguchi rule, i can learn during practising.
But with Yamaguchi rule situation is opposite. I need to know very much, if i go to play real tournament and my opponent decides to make me some "crazy" offer. Yesterday Mr. Tarannikov started to play with me in pbmserv with Yamaguchi rules, suggesting i4 with 6 (!) 5th moves. I analysed quickly 10-11 4th moves and i think i found 6 5th moves everythere (it wasnt deep analyse of course with so quick time, so maybe i am wrong).
Earlier i had very small knowledge about i4, so i will be in big trouble, if opponent puts it to me in real tournament and i am not prepared. Of course i like if we get much new knowledge about renju openings. But what i want to say is that with Yamaguchi rule this "slight" change is actually coming very suddenly, not step by step. In the beginning there will be probably more crazy games than with much more crazy rule.
As i said i agree to play with Yamaguchi rule if its needed for compromise. But i am surprised that japanese players agree too :).

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