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Statistics of world players by countries2008-05-18 07:59:30
Here in this blog there are a few articles presenting countries and web sites with statistical approach. I was interested how the world players in this site are divided by countries.

When writing this article 18th May 2008 there was totally 767 renju players presented in RenjuNet players section. This, however, must be far from the real number of renju players in the world! Also it must be fair to note that a significant share of profiles is of players currently not active.

Before adding up the numbers my guess was that vast majority of the world players are from China. A slight surprise was that there were only a bit over 200 players introduced from China. In my experience the real number must be many times this! Anyway here is the current (18th May 2008) list:

position country players
1. China 204
2. Russia 203
3. Japan 66
4. Estonia 60
5. Korea 52
6. Sweden 39
7. Chinese Taipei 24
8. Czech Republic 24
9. Finland 20
10. Poland 15
11. Ukraine 14
12. Armenia 11
13. Latvia 7
14. Hungary 5
15. Uzbekistan 5
16. Belarus 4
17. Azerbaijan 3
18. USA 3
19. Moldova 2
20. Austria 1
21. Brasil 1
22. Israel 1
23. Lithuania 1
24. Slovakia 1
25. Vietnam 1

I hereby challenge the organizers of each of these countries to add their “missing” players to the RenjuNet site. It would be both nice to monitor the growth of countries numbers of players and also show a realistic number of renju players for visitors of RenjuNet.    

When I see a notable change for the total number, let’s say 1000 players, I will update the list. It will be interesting to see how the list changes. Will China stay at the top and how the top 10 evolves?

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