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My little gomoku program2008-04-14 20:11:28
I spent 2 days to create a funny little gomoku program. It is very primitive as you can see, but it may be useful for beginners. I have never studied any examples of renju or gomoku program codes, so maybe my method is very funny. :) Its playing style is just like a human beginner style. ...
Volodymyr Sobotovych2008-04-21 17:23:11
Nice ajax game, Ando!
Your program often ignores the level of a threat, e.g. threre is VCF threat but program plays a three, VCT - plays a pause. Gomoku is the game of threats and reactions on ones so it is necessary to detect a rank of a game firstly - VCF, VCT, pause, safe game. Then there are many choices for a move, some times over 200, so we need to built a list of candidate moves based on rank of game, and then examine its. Classical Alpha Beta Cut is bad for gomoku. VCF, VCT can be comblicated and long, so it is possible to limit yourself by fixed depth, 2-10 moves, and if we can not  to detect the rank of the position  precisely then we evaluate the rank approximately. When a position is calm then we use  a b cut.
This is only my opinion,  good luck in the designing of game.
Ando Meritee2008-04-21 18:27:29
Thanks for comments.
Actually current version does not calculate any moves at all. So the depth is 0 moves always. It is just evaluating the situation and decides the next move based on shape evaluation scoring.

Next step I will add is the VCF check. and then VCT check etc. It will take a bit more time. I only spent 2 days on it so far. And I am quite stupid about programming, there is a lot to learn for me.
Ando Meritee2008-04-21 18:32:31
I used the Renjuclass diagram board that we made many years ago, as a client side of this program. It is possible to play without client too, manually communicating with by adding the values, something like ?id=123&mv=f9
The first time call it without id, and the ai.php will announce id of the game.

Volodymyr Sobotovych2008-04-21 21:23:50
As for two day it's an excellent result.

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