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First session of Yangtze River region renju activity 2008-04-14 09:57:45
One year ago ,renju plays from Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou,Changzhou arrives at the Jiangsu Nantong,According to the agreement, the second session will be held in Shanghai.Now, reviewed some picture then.

1/Photographs, Where do I? I am a ...
Ando Meritee2008-04-14 12:54:43
Oh, so nice to see those renju photos. If possible, could you also add some text below each photo, describing the event and the people on those photos. Then we will get more familiar with Chinese renju players. It is a nice thing. :)

You can use +Text button, and then later use Up button to move the added text below the photo you want.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-14 17:47:10
Very nice pics! I recognize some familiar faces at them also.. :)

By the way, were the last two pics from KTV karaoke bar? Those are always good fun! ;)
Youzhi Chen2008-04-14 19:16:27
Yes, is in KTV ,Everybody plays very much happily
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-15 00:24:57
During last trips I have visited many KTVs around China. It is indeed very nice to spend a few hours there with friends.. :) I cant speak Chinese yet, but I still like many Chinese karaoke videos! My favorite ones are:

Xin Yue Tuan - One Night In Beijing ( and
Lin Zhi Xuan - Meng Nuo Li Sha de Yan Lei (Monalisa' Tears) (

Just about a year ago in Shanghai I even sang this Mona Lisa tear song with great singers and renju players. Normally I prefer singing in English thou. Unfortunately I lost my camera later at that trip, so I cant show pictures of that great evening..

Hopefully I will meet some renju players who like KTV during my trip to China this summer.. :)
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-15 02:00:49
Perhaps someone could post pinyin lyrics for those songs... I would like to learn to sing them. :D Found many versions of "One Night in 北京" at youtube, but without lyrics it is not that easy to sing correctly.. ;)
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-15 02:26:17
With some research I found the pinyin lyrics for the "Shin - One Night in Beijing"

So far havent been able to find a similar lyrics for Monalisa Tear song.
Ando Meritee2008-04-15 13:20:40
There are many Character-to-Pinyin converters in Internet. Just find the original Chinese lyrics and feed it to the converter.

Here is what I did:

Step 1: I input the song name and the word lyrics into google, using either traditional or simplified chinese title.

蒙娜麗莎的眼淚 歌詞 (traditional)
蒙娜丽莎的眼泪 歌词 (simplified)

One of top results of the search was:

蒙娜麗莎的眼淚 (title)
作詞:鄭華娟 作曲:鄭華娟 (authors of lyrics and melody)

在浪漫之都 妳看到了蒙娜麗莎的微笑
妳說這對妳很好 這次旅行讓妳渡過了感情的低潮
妳覺得曾經愛的太苦 感謝我聽妳傾訴 溫柔的痛哭

在我的夢裡 因為可以和妳相愛而驕傲
然而妳都不知道 我期待在妳愛的世界裡變得重要
妳要把愛人慢慢尋找 對妳付出的一切 只換來我對自己苦苦的嘲笑

蒙娜麗莎 她是誰 她是否也曾為愛爭論錯與對
為什麼你總留給我失戀的淚水 卻把妳的感情付給別人去摧毀
蒙娜麗莎 她是誰 它是否也曾為愛尋覓好幾回
她的微笑那麼神秘 那麼美 或許她也走過感情的千山萬水
才發現 愛妳的人 不會讓他的蒙娜麗莎 流眼淚

Then I copy-pasted it into one the Pinyin converters that I also found by google

And the result was:

zi lng mn zhī dū nĭ kn do lio Mĕng nu l suō d wēi xio nĭ shu
在 浪 漫 之 都   妳 看 到 了 蒙 娜 麗 莎 的 微 笑 妳 說
zh du nĭ hĕn hăo zh c lǚ xng rng nĭ d gu lio găn qng d dī
這 對 妳 很 好   這 次 旅 行 讓 妳 渡 過 了 感 情 的 低
cho nĭ ju de cng jīng i d ti kŭ găn xi wŏ tng nĭ qīng s
潮 妳 覺 得 曾 經 愛 的 太 苦   感 謝 我 聽 妳 傾 訴  
wēn ru d tng kū zi wŏ de mng lĭ yīn wi kĕ yĭ h nĭ xiāng i
溫 柔 的 痛 哭 在 我 的 夢 裡   因 為 可 以 和 妳 相 愛
r jiāo o rn r nĭ dū b zhī do wŏ qī di zi nĭ i d sh
而 驕 傲 然 而 妳 都 不 知 道   我 期 待 在 妳 愛 的 世
ji lĭ bin de zhng yo nĭ yo b i ren mn mn xn zhăo du nĭ f
界 裡 變 得 重 要 妳 要 把 愛 人 慢 慢 尋 找   對 妳 付
chū d yī qi zhī hun li wŏ du z jĭ kŭ kŭ d cho xio Mĕng nu
出 的 一 切   只 換 來 我 對 自 己 苦 苦 的 嘲 笑 蒙 娜
l suō tā sh Shu tā sh fŏu yĕ zēng wi i zhēng ln cu y du
麗 莎   她 是 誰   她 是 否 也 曾 為 愛 爭 論 錯 與 對
wi shn me nĭ zŏng li gĕi wŏ shī lin d li shuĭ qu b nĭ d găn
為 什 麼 你 總 留 給 我 失 戀 的 淚 水   卻 把 妳 的 感
qng f gĕi bi rn q cuī huĭ Mĕng nu l suō tā sh Shu tā sh
情 付 給 別 人 去 摧 毀 蒙 娜 麗 莎   她 是 誰   它 是
fŏu yĕ zēng wi i xn m hăo jĭ hu tā d wēi xio n me shn m
否 也 曾 為 愛 尋 覓 好 幾 回 她 的 微 笑 那 麼 神 秘  
n me mĕi hu xŭ tā yĕ zŏu gu găn qng d qiān shān wn shuĭ ci fā
那 麼 美   或 許 她 也 走 過 感 情 的 千 山 萬 水 才 發
xin i nĭ d rn b hu rng tā d Mĕng nu l suō li yăn
現   愛 妳 的 人   不 會 讓 他 的 蒙 娜 麗 莎   流 眼

Sorry about messy layout of the converted text, it is too troublesome to fix the spaces. I just introduced the idea of getting nice Pinyin songs. :) I hope it is useful.
Ando Meritee2008-04-15 13:35:17
It is convenient, but not always 100% perfect. Some Chinese characters have more than one sound, and one has to know the context to decide the sound. The converter chose Mĕng nu l suō, but actually the 2nd and the 4th character in this context of the song should be n and shā.

So the correct pronunciation would be "Mĕng n l shā", perhaps it is also better to change Meng to 2nd tone (Mng) - it is more often used as part of some name. Maybe there are other similar situations, I will try to compare it myself later.

The first word Meng can actually have 3 different tones - 1,2 or 3.
Maybe you can try to test some other converters too, and see if there are any "smart" ones that make the title correct.
Ando Meritee2008-04-15 14:02:13
Yeah there are also similar problems inside the lyrics of the song. Maybe it requires human conversion after all. :)
Ando Meritee2008-04-15 14:33:28
Some examples from other converters:

mng   nu   l   shā

蒙 ( mng ) 娜 ( nu ) 麗 ( l ) 莎 ( suō )
Lijing Sun2008-04-15 17:19:32
蒙 ( mng ) 娜 ( n ) 麗 ( l ) 莎 ( sha )
Youzhi Chen2008-04-15 17:56:12
tell the truth, I do not like One Night in Beijing , thought that music is a little Gloomy.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-15 18:13:07
Thanks for your tips Ando. I did not know there was pinyin converters online.. :)

Chen, I see what you mean. It is a bit gloomy song indeed... It reminds me a punkrock band Greenday to some extent. The chorus is somewhat easy for even foreigners to join.. :) But I dont really know what is the song about othervise. About the melody I really like how the style changes between opera style and punkrock style. Seen many different presentations in youtube and most of them are really good! I myself sing with low bass and can not reach up to tenor voice register. Perhaps with a few beers and falcet singing I could do it, but it is not good for ones voice to sing that way continuously.  
Sun Lijing2008-04-16 07:17:50
"One night in Beijing" is a nice song. I like it very much. It melody like Beijing opera. The similar song is "Shuo Chang Lian Pu".
Ando Meritee2008-05-02 15:17:00
Recently I have been listening this song so many times, it is very very good! The song's name is 流浪記. I have it in my CD collection.

I also found a youtube link to the song

It was not easy to find the original singer at youtube because there are many other videos of other singers who are performing the same song, for example liang wenyin at the Super Star contest. But the original is the best by far!!

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