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  Jussi Ikonen's Blog
Jussi´s renju blog2008-02-06 22:07:57
I will use this blog in renju related matters.. And perhaps some other as well.. :D

The next big thing is, in case someone didnt know, the TWC08 event which is now under hard organizing.. :) We have gotten several signups and I cant wait for April.

Please feel free to write ...
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-06 22:41:21
Accidentally added the logo twice... Removed the other one and thats why the edit..
Ando Meritee2008-02-06 23:16:43
This logo is so beautiful! I think Jussi is doing a great job in organizing the Team World Championship. Well done!
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-07 00:23:38
Cheers Ando. :)
Olga Skuridina2008-02-08 18:30:49
Very beautiful logo!
Iona Orbinski2008-02-09 02:23:51
I'm glad you all like the logo. I had great fun designing it. :) Good luck with the tournament.
Ando Meritee2008-02-12 01:42:03
Perhaps its would be a bit better to reduce the width of horizontal logo to 600 pixels for this blog, then it will not cross the margins of blog. Just a tip, not important though. :)

Will there also be T-shirts and stuff with that logo? :) What are your ideas of using it?
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-12 03:43:32
Replaced the logo for a resized one..

The plan is to use these logos for every "official" material related to the event.. :D
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-08 03:15:38
For renju friends in China:

I am planning a vacation trip to China this summer. Most likely my trip will be from mid June to mid July. I plan on visiting the Yunnan province and also few cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. Perhaps I wont visit Beijing this trip, since it must be grouded due to the upcoming Olympics. Due to this it must be very hard to find hostel accommodation in Beijing..

It has been a very busy spring time with my studies and TWC preparations.. Im very much looking forward for this trip! :)


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