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The world ranking of renju websites2008-03-07 18:46:04
Many people are aware of the http://www.alexa.comAlexa system that a method of ranking all the websites of the world (domains) based on traffic and popularity. The higher is the position, the more reliable the result is. Any website within a top one million can be considered as a very popular site, ...
Ando Meritee2008-03-19 22:41:03
I just updated my article by adding the ratings of March 19. Maybe you can notice one unbelievable thing: even though there are billions of websites in the world, two renju websites, Estonian and Finnish, are placed just next to each other!!! What a huge coincidence!! Of course, Estonia is winning by far!! :P 7,136,577 Estonian renju  7,136,578 Finnish renju

It is really an amazing coincidence!
Jussi Ikonen2008-03-19 22:53:23
Laughing out loud! :P
Yusui Yamaguchi2008-03-20 00:03:16
"" is not Yamaguchi's. :)
Okajima as you don't know has the website.
Ando Meritee2008-03-20 00:14:19
Oh I did not know. I will make the correction.
Ando Meritee2008-04-02 15:10:52
I added the latest rankings to my article just now. Some big changes in the list this time.

To Mr. Yamaguchi: If you have time, maybe you can also participate in the discussion about Yamaguchi rule, especially in the topic of "dictionary of Yamaguchi rule". I am sure you have lots of experience and analyses to share with the world.
iwzq2008-04-11 13:31:34 has a traffic rank of:  15974,582
Ando Meritee2008-04-11 13:57:12
Is it a new website? I have not heard of it yet. Can you write an introduction of that website, please. What is the content, and who is the maker.

Then from next time, I can add this website to the statistics, and also to the list of Websites at renjunet.
Youzhi Chen2008-04-11 16:01:43
    网站中,有很多关于ando先生的文章,这些文章很受欢迎,例如您的《五子棋的基本战术(上)的点击率达到了5974 。
Ando Meritee2008-04-11 16:18:37
Dear Youzhi Chen,

Thank you for your introduction! I have looked your website, and it is very nice. I hope it will help make renju more popular. It is also interesting to see the translations of articles and comments to them.

But there is one small problem. Among many free articles, I noticed some copyrighted articles which should not be published. The Online Renju Class teaching material, including all the articles of Renju Tactics, are not allowed to be published anywhere. It is only for private use of Renjuclass students. Please remove such articles from the website. Thank you.

At the same time, there is no problem about publishing and translating the articles that you find from:
-  the Blog of Renjunet
- Forum of Renjuclass
- Articles section of Renjunet

You are welcome to translate and publish them (with a link to original source, please). They are free. :)

If the copyrighted articles are removed, then I believe we can have very nice cooperation in the future, and your website will become more popular every day. I will try to visit your website frequently from now on. It can also improve my Chinese reading ability.

Very nice to meet you!
Youzhi Chen2008-04-11 16:45:40
Ando Meritee2008-04-11 17:27:11
Thank you for the answer. I am glad that you also care about the copyright matter.

Here, I give you some ideas about copyright: It is very easy to know which articles are copyrighted. For example, Renjuclass students who download their study material, they know about copyright here:

Also, all the other people, when visiting the public Free Download section, can find the copyright note is there:

So, if people follow this agreement, there should be no worries. However, maybe some copyrighted articles are anonymously circulating. If you find such article, and you are not sure if it is copyrighted or not, then you should not publish it until you have confirmed it.

One easy way to confirm is to check if an article with such name already exists in the Renjuclass Study Materials page ( Another way is send an email to me and I can confirm.

Sometimes, such proper query about copyrighted article can be very useful - maybe I can give that website a right to publish an article there even if it is copyrighted. I have done this before, in fact.

I think your website is very good. You have done an excellent job with your website!
Youzhi Chen2008-04-11 18:26:45



Ando Meritee2008-04-11 19:03:58
> 1、只要不在列表中,就可以在www.iwzq.com網站上發布嗎?

Correct. All the copyrighted articles are listed there including all it sub-categories like Analyses Department Lessons, Tactics Department Lessons and so on.

> 2、我還有一些國內朋友翻譯的稿件,應該是您上課的摘要,請告知您的郵箱並發給您,
> 您查閱一下是否同意發布。

I believe most translated articles that are circulating do not have my permission. If you want to confirm them, you can contact me by or go to and press "Send a Message" link.

> 3、www.renju.net網站上的棋譜可否轉載?

All my articles are at (you need to open and check each article, to find "written by", and not "published by". Then you can be sure which are my articles.

Your website will have permission to publish translations of my articles, for non-commercial purposes only, and with the reference to the original source.

There are also articles from other writers in and I cannot give you permission, because they are not my articles. When you read the article and see who the author is, then you can then contact the author and ask his permission. I can only give you permission about the articles of that I wrote myself.

I think, from Renjuclass forum, you can take any information you like ( because it is very public and all the topics are public, too.

About Renjunet Blog, I think the proper way is to ask permission from writer, because Blog is kind of private thing and some people do not maybe feel comfortable if their private stories are published elsewhere. However, I can already give you permission to translate any of my articles that I write in blog.
Ando Meritee2008-04-11 19:05:20
I also wrote some comments into your new Blog topics. Did you see? :)
Youzhi Chen2008-04-11 20:49:54
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-14 01:35:31
I would like to comment a bit about copyrights also.

I have been a photographer in dozens of renju tournaments within the last five years and many of the photos I have published at Only once before I have given permission to take these pictures - it was to Olga when she asked if she could use in Swedish magazine.

I can see very many pictures taken by me, which have been uploaded to RenjuNet (and other sites also). Personally I donít really take too much pressure about that. I take pictures for memories and more they are spread out, more viewers will get to enjoy them. It would be nice that the uploader asks permission to use my pictures and I would be happy to grant that permission. Also I would be happy to see that at least the origin of my pictures ( would be shown. -I would prefer this to apply also RenjuNet site in case the picture uploader is not me.

It is also ok for me if anyone wants to transfer my RenjuNet blog posts or renju articles to their own languages and post them to other pages. Then I think it is appropriate to at least refer to the original post if someone wants to check the original words for their meaning.

chenyouzhi2008-04-14 07:21:49
Thanks Mr. Jussi  agreed to reprint the text on the blog, I certainly in reprint time retains the article primitive address the information.
Like this:
Ando Meritee2008-04-14 13:49:31
Jussi, maybe it would be good if you could point out concrete things, to solve the matter.

For example, two years ago, after the Tampere Masters, I contacted you and asked if Finland players, having the admin account in renjunet, would be so kind and publish the games, results and some photos of the tournament in renjunet, too, as they would then also appear under player profiles, for example your own profile. At that time you said, Finland players are too busy, just enough energy to update Finnish website, and if I asked, do you mind if I help you do these, then you said, no problem. So I helped to do this instead of you, spending many hours.

At that time you did not require any additional information below each photo of Tampere Masters tournament, furthermore, you have admin access to renjunet, to alter the content anytime, by removing wrong photos, or adding additional text about the picture, comments, and who photographed, and where it was originally published. That is the whole idea of renjunet project - we mutually help each other and if sometimes one is busy, another one will step in and help him do the things.

If now, 2 years later, you regret about the agreement, it is no problem, we can remove those photos (even you can remove them with 1 click). Or, you can help making the photo comments richer, by providing more details of the origin.

I am not interested in having any photos in RenjuNet, which make any people upset in any way, or which contradict the copyright. For that reason, we have so many admins, so that each admin can publish own region photos, as he/she can get permission easily.

I respect copyright very much, and I am willing to remove any item that is not in accordance with copyright.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-14 17:41:54
Thanks Ando for your comment. I remember the discussion nearby Tampere tournament.

Perhaps I can admit being slightly upset when I noticed so many TWC 2006 pictures being uploaded to RenjuNet right after I had uploaded them to And those did not include any reference... I felt like maybe many viewers will think the pictures have been taken by uploader(s). I think it is quite natural to feel such way. I was, however, too lazy or busy to do anything about it then. And I think I am still too lazy to add those comments.. :)

Perhaps in future I will make a water stamp to pictures I upload to Internet..    
Ando Meritee2008-04-14 18:21:11
Hmmm, I am surprised that your TWC 2006 photos are in our website. Can you please help me find which ones? In the quick look, comparing photos of renjunet and my tired eyes could not find any matches. I am sure you can notice your own photos much easier.

In TWC 2006 we had our own photographers (Sander, Peeter, and others) with high quality photos, we had no need for outsourcing. In fact we have so many photos that I have not even had time to publish them all.

If a photo outside that collection happens to be there, and without reference, that is a mistake, and we can fix it.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-14 21:28:33
I published totally 130 TWC2006 pictures at:

At RenjuNet section for the same tournament:  there are presently 88 pictures.

I found following pics at both galleries:

With a fast look I can find many other familiar pics also, but it would take time to go through them all and compare.

Jussi Ikonen2008-04-14 21:36:37
These pics are with nice comments and the uploader had had some effort uploading them.. I appreciate it. At this point I dont see a reason to go through them all one by one and make references.. I just hope that in future there references to photographer / original source would be mentioned.



Ando Meritee2008-04-14 22:12:02
I see now, yes. I did not search among other admins' published photos earlier, so I missed them. I agree with you that the photos should come with the reference and indicate the author, whenever it is known (and in current situation it should be known that they are from your web).

Your photos are nice of course, and deserve to be noticed. I will go and add the reference into photo comments myself.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-14 22:44:10
Ok. Thank you Ando.
Ando Meritee2008-04-17 13:29:42
Wow, big changes of world websites ranking formula. Now the top 3 of renju websites are all Chinese websites. Very fair and logical. Read more at the end of my article.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-17 20:11:35
I see this change of formula has also caused some extra difference between and ranking... grrrrrrr. Maybe we will get some visitors due to the TWC and make a great result at the next list! :)
Ando Meritee2008-04-17 22:39:00
Just wait until our website drops below 30,000,000. That should be enough to pass us. :)
Yusui Yamaguchi2008-04-19 19:15:10
Ando Meritee2008-05-10 14:27:59
I have updated the article with the rankings of May 10. It is interesting to see the impact of TWC traffic.
Ando Meritee2008-05-25 14:14:27
The rankings were updated. wuzi8 website was added to the list, taking the 3rd place. Can anyone tell us more about this website? who is the author and what is the purpose and content of the web? Thanks! :)
Ando Meritee2008-07-02 23:23:28
Now we have the July 2 standings. No big changes among top websites.
Ando Meritee2008-07-10 20:53:06
Can anyone tell if the Russian Renju Association website at is still alive or it has been shut down or moved to another server? Thank you! :)
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-07-10 23:40:25
The site does not work now. This is commented as temporary problems with a hosting.
Nataly2008-09-03 00:37:38
Now  Russian Renju Association website is working or
Ando Meritee2008-09-03 14:10:32
Thank you, Nataly! It is a good news! :)

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