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TWC 2008 preparations blog2008-02-18 06:24:32
I will post newsletters regarging this years renju Team World Championships here. If you have questions or comments regarding organizing, here is another channel to get your word out.. :D


News No. 244, 2008-04-18
Published by Jussi Ikonen
Jussi Ikonen2008-03-12 15:04:27
Exciting news! We have just received the late registration for Chinese team to TWC 2008. At this point I can reveal that based on the registration, they will join the event with an extremely competitive team. More info follows…
Ants Soosõrv2008-03-30 12:20:01
I add latest news about China team, members are Wu Di,  Cao Dong, Wu Hao, Chen Wei.
Hmm, who may stop them? :)
Order of tables is not decided yet
Dmitry Epifanov2008-04-03 14:26:21
Dear Jussi,
I have one little question concerning draw conditions.
When the first player's time is up, but the second has no possibility to place his 5 on the board... Is it a draw?
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-03 18:20:16

I have a understood that when player A acknowledges that plyer B has run out of time with time still on player A´s clock, player A wins the game.

In most renju  tournaments the game is a draw when it is not possible to make five i a row.

I must admit that I presently dont know the answer to this case. Perhaps we will get an answer from RIF rules commission?

If such "new" situations occures in tournaments (such as TWC2008) the decision is made by main referee of the tournament.

Ando Meritee2008-04-03 22:16:46
From the Official RIF rules and tournament rules can conclude: A game can be lost by time even after 224th move.

The questions like whether it is ethical to play that far, or whether the rules should be changed to automatically fix draw when no chance to win, they are a matter of discussion and can be proposed to Rules Commission, who would then digest the issue and present it to General Assembly, if found enough support. General Assembly would then vote whether to change rules or not.

However, usually the tournament rules are made in a way so that there would be no good ways to win by time if there is no space for five in a row. For example, byo-yomi 30 moves/30 minutes, or Fischer rule (every move gives extra seconds to clock), etc.

In TWC, 30 seconds are added after each move, it is impossible to lose by time in the situation where the opponent has no space for 5 in a row, unless the player falls asleep.
Ants Soosõrv2008-04-07 17:28:14
Actually this very reasonable russian rule that if your opponent cant make 5 any more, you cant lose by time, is already once used in title competition - EC 2004 in Russia ( I as main referee took responsibility to use it). Sport Commision is now discussing different things related with tournament rules, so i think we can make sugegstion to GA to change officially also full table rule. But i would like to introduce you really funny story from EC 2004, where  another problem occured - who must tell about 5 in a row on board?

Following story is taken from my article in RW 49 about EC QT

In the first round Vladimir Filinov was in trouble with Peeter Kolk, a much weaker player than himself. In this game a precedent was born, which is substantial in avoiding future misunderstandings and therefore I write about this thouroughly. Entering the endgame, Filinov was losing initiative with black and also had little time left, and due to that he offered draw. Peeter, who understands Russian well, did not notice his opponent’s offer being deeply absorbed in thought over the game. Time control demanded making moves until the moment it would be impossible to place five-in-a-row onto the board and so the game continued in a quick pace, because Peeter did not have much time left either. Filinov did not close two threes at some point, but could defend them later, because Peeter did not notice his possibilities to win. After that Kolk did not close two fours and his opponent did not notice it at first. After some time Filinov accidentally placed five stones in a row, because there were not many free places left on the board. According to the Russian renju code of conduct, the referee (that was me) should have stopped the game at that point, but I relied on my experience and the indistinctness of international renju rules and let the game continue. I thought it logical that a player must see his five himself. In Estonian tournaments a player must announce his five orally and if necessary, demonstrate it to the opponent.
Over 200 moves were made in the game, when Filinov stopped the clock and said, “There’s no possibility to form a five anymore, draw!” Kolk actually still had a possibility to make five in a row, so I might have given Filinov a loss! I asked Kolk if he accepts draw as a result and getting a positive answer, I gave both of them half points. Several Russian players thought my decision was wrong. I don’t think so myself, but such cases should be specified in the international renju code of conduct.  
Ando Meritee2008-04-07 17:41:41
I am surprised that in Russian renju rules the referee must detect 5 in a row and announce it. It means, a referee must be quite strong as a player then. :) Not anyone can apply to be referee in Russia then.
Lijing Sun2008-04-08 13:02:00
Dear Jussi:
I send a e-mail at Mar 31, about member of team China.
We havn't receive the invitation letter for Wu Hao. Do you send it?
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-08 14:46:55

I signed the invitation letter for Wu Hao beginning of last week and I believe Kari send the letter the very soon arter that. This means it should get there any day now.

BTW, the hostel requested for accurate arrival and departure dates for the booking. Could you please send them to me as soon as possible to secure the booking.

Kari Haikonen2008-04-08 18:20:51
Dear Lijing Sun,

I sent invitation letter for mr. Wu Hao on 1st of April as registered mail. Now I can only tell that the letter has left Finland on 2nd of April according to the tracking system. So most likely you will be receiving it any time soon.

Anyhow, if it will not appear to be coming in these days, please let us know so we will re-send immediately.

Jussi Ikonen2008-04-09 20:19:10
I just got a email message from Ants about a possibility to have a video conference at the extra GA. Here is the email and my reply:



I agree that it would be good if such way many other countries could
participate in the meeting, that otherwise could not physically come to

However, we have prepared the extra GA to be held in a place where I
believe no fixed Internet connection is available. Having video conference
with simultaneous connections might require rather high bandwidth and also
know-how of setting it up. Personally I have never build up such
conference before and with current resources at this point, I can not
promise this feature for the meeting. Ants, perhaps some Estonians know
about such conference calls (how much bandwidth is needed and how to set
it up) and maybe they could give assistance in this matter.

In Finland we have also mobile networks supporting video calls, which
could be an option in some cases.

I will look into the matter and other possible sites to hold the meeting.
If it becomes possible to arrange such feature, I will use the TWC 2008
preparations blog message at: to discuss about it. I
think usage of blog is more efficient than email in most cases, thus
everyone will be able to see the message and comment it. Perhaps we can
also have some technical help/solutions via the blog comments..

With best regards,


Jussi Ikonen
chairman, Suomen Renju ry

>    Hello!
>  Question to Jussi, can some countries be connected with GA through
> internet? 2006 Taiwan and Uzbekistan were interested to join GA in
> Tallinn, but finally they had some troubles. As we will have so important
> meeting again, maybe we can have some kind of videoconference, maybe
> Taiwan (and Ando), Uzbekistan and Korea (maybe Anders?) can be interested
> to participate in most important parts of GA?


Any help with this will be highly appreciated! :)
Ando Meritee2008-04-09 20:49:22
The simplest tools are enough. There is no need for any special system. Skype, MSN and other programs enable video/audio calls already. So as long as there is a computer in the meeting room with internet, and it has webcam and microphone, and installed Skype or MSN or other program, then it is possible to participate in the meeting by such video-talk.
Lijing Sun2008-04-11 17:35:49
Mr. Jussi

Can you make some introductions words and photos about Helsinki Business College,
and some renju development in Helsinki, Finland. We'll publish them into RIFCHINA website to all Chinese renju fans.
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-11 17:48:49

Sure, I would be happy to write some introduction. This weekend I am planning on creating some introduction about Helsinki in general for opening ceremony speach also.. I might add that to the info also, if interested.. :)

Next thursday me and Kari will have a meeting with the principle of the HBC and I will ask if he would like to add some introductory words on behalf of the school.

There are already some press material made for The Finnish News Agency (STT) ( about our event. They are planning on publishing information about the event throughout Finland and thus we will most likely also get some newspaper reporters (perhaps also TV) to visit and make a story of the event..

Dmitry Epifanov2008-04-11 23:17:43
Dear Jussi,
Is there an internet connection (Wi-Fi or anything alike) within the tournament hall? In the hotel?
Ando Meritee2008-04-12 00:07:16
Yes, it is a good question, because the publishing of live games depends on internet connection too. The world hopes to see live games from TWC.
Marko Pellikka2008-04-12 02:06:48
There's WLAN connection in hotel AVA. Unfortunately it's rather expensive. If I remember correctly it's some 8-10 euros / day.

I'm planning to bring 3G modem with 384kbs connection just in case. However I think there should be some open networks available, especially if the school let's us use their connection.
Lijing Sun2008-04-18 22:44:31
I'm bowling master-hand.
Lijing Sun2008-04-20 17:48:45
Dear Jussi: Who are team members of all teams?
Jussi Ikonen2008-04-20 21:34:36

Here is a small intro about the Helsinki Business College:

“Helsinki Business College is one of the major business education institutions in Helsinki and in Finland. The private college was founded in 1881 and it is owned by the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce. The school is centrally located in Helsinki within an easy reach to the city centre.” More info about the school:

Here you can find few pictures from the premises:

We are now publishing the teams and players in the web site of the event: There are also player introductions for those players who have send them to us. I really like the introductions we have gotten so far and hope we will get the introductions from the rest of the teams also soon!

Jussi Ikonen2008-04-21 22:12:10
Here is the current list of the nine  teams signed up. Please let me know if you find spelling mistakes etc.

Di Wu
Dong Cao
Wei Chen
Hao Wu

Czech Rebuplic
Pavel Laube
Petr Neuman
Monika Zowadova
Ales Rybka

Aivo Oll
Tunnet Taimla
Andry Purk
Ants Soosyrv
Johann Lents

Samuli Saarenpää
Jussi Ikonen
Kari Haikonen
Marko Pellikka

Shinichi Ishitani
Yoshihiro Iio              
Kiyotomi Sato              
Junya Takashima

Russia 1
Vladimir Sushkov
Konstantin Chingin
Egor Serdyukov
Yulia Savrasova
Alexandr Kadulin

Russia 2
Sergey Artemyev
Pavel Salnikov
Dimitry Epifanov
Maxim Arevkov
Vladmir Filinov

Martin Carlsson
Kristian Lindberg
Stefan Karlsson
Tord Andersson
Björn Lind

Kostyantyn Piddubnyy
Oleksandr Drozd
Volodymyr Kolesnyk
Alona Iakovlieva
Volodymyr Stefaniv

Table orders and reserve players must be decided latest at the opening ceremony.. :)
Ando Meritee2008-04-22 18:43:08
The players introductions are very nice at
Well done!
Ando Meritee2008-04-25 01:34:08
A small notice: on the -> Regulations -> "The Team World Championship is played by RIF rules. "
That link points to, it appears to be an expired link.

I suggest to replace it with link.
Marko Pellikka2008-04-25 01:54:29
Thanks for pointing it out. Now it's corrected.
Dmitry Epifanov2008-04-25 18:10:48
As far as I know, Ukrainian team will only consist of 3 players =(
Ando Meritee2008-04-27 01:26:46
The TWC is about to begin soon. The whole world is waiting with a big excitement. I wish good luck to organizers! They have done good job in preparing the event!

This channel has been successful for them too - it is the most popular blog item in the whole system and has reached 1000 visits. Congratulations!

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