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TWC information 32010-05-04 00:04:16
Hello renju fans!

Today the qualificatin round finished. Total score is following,
1 Japan1   19points
2 Estonia1 19points
3 China      19points
4 C-Taipei 18.5points
-------------------------- so far will go to upper class.
5 ...
Ando Meritee2010-05-04 00:39:01
Thank you so much for the photos and comments! I cheer for Estonian team of course! I think psychologically Estonian team is in the best situation - Other 3 teams need the first place so much, so it will make them more nervous. :P
yagokoro2010-05-04 01:32:14
Oh, my god! What a bad performance for Russian team, Yuriy Tarannikov, you must go there, if you still use blackstone to play offline games under ID mda904 in renjuoffline site, your renju skills would decline, at that time, no one can save Russian renju!
Lianzhu2010-05-05 02:36:17
ID: jinzhiyuye The best player on internet!

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