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  Ando Meritee's Blog
Ando's Wedding Photo Album2009-05-04 13:55:39
Dear friends, my wedding party will take place on May 16, 2009. However, as a tradition in Taiwan, the couple will take a series of wedding photos couple of weeks before wedding. So now, I will be able to share some of the photos with you.

If you want to join the wedding party, please let ...
Erin2009-05-04 16:56:20
Congratulations! Very handsome bridegroom, hahaha...
Leka2009-05-04 21:42:54
Congratulations! look so happiness~~
guwei2009-05-05 10:04:08
Di Wu2009-05-07 18:54:51
Very nice photos! Congratulations!
Stefan Karlsson2009-05-08 02:26:30
Hi Ando!

I wish you and your becoming wife the very best in life!
Seems to be a very nice phototradition in Taiwan... / Stefan :-)
SUN Lijing2009-05-08 23:11:41
Nice time! Congratulations
Ando Meritee2009-05-08 23:22:58
Thank you, friends!! :)
somes2009-05-10 18:48:21
Ando, you haven't answered when renjuclass starts.
Congratulations! 2009-05-14 22:06:15
qiu yun fei2009-05-15 20:38:30
Tracy McGreat-China2009-05-16 03:17:18
Alexey Skuridin2009-05-16 18:56:48
Congratulations on your wedding!!!
Although I can't be with you on your wedding party, I'm with you in spirit on this happy day!!!
Warmest best wishes!
Ando, what is your wife's name?
somes2009-05-22 12:54:21
        seems his wife is Hsiao-yu Yang, but I remember years before, in RIFCHINA's page, there was an article. The link is:
It said Ando's girl firend is Cici. Also I have searched out that Cici's name is Yihua Cai.
Ando, can you tell us why did you marry Hsiao-yu Yang instead of Yihua Cai?
Norihiko Kawamura2009-05-28 18:45:31
Congratulations!! All Japanese renju friends celeblate your wedding.
We would like you to come to Japan with your wife in future!
bentley2009-06-03 00:34:44
congratulations ando!
besides, i am sure this girl isn't Yang Hsiao-yu.
Jean L.C.Chou(bride\2009-06-13 19:38:13
Ando, I-Ting:
How was the honeymoon ? Maybe you are all too busy  to post pictures taken at the wedding party and Eastern Europe. Congratulations to you again!
Dmitry Smirnov2009-07-01 00:14:59
Be happy!
rex2009-09-22 18:13:59
Easteren2009-11-03 14:54:33

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