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How to become a blogger?2008-02-04 23:32:44
This blog system is a good way for every renju player to express his ideas, feelings and opinions. People can write texts in their blogs, but also add photos and renju diagrams. All the blogs are connected to the people's profiles that are listed in People -- ...
Wenzhe Lu2008-02-05 02:04:45
Good job, Ando!
Ando Meritee2008-02-06 09:55:01
Thank you!! Would you like to open your own blog space here too? :))
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-06 22:18:44
Great job! :)
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-07 22:12:10
Ando, thank you for the great job!

Some comments and propositions.

Now when I am trying to edit my text, the system is pushing me out from the edition window in some seconds, so I need to click the mouse each time to return. This is not convenient. I tried it at two different computers - situation is the same.

It would be good to have the possibility to insert diagrams into the middle of the topic, not only to the end. For example, if I write a topic with many diagrams where I analyze some position and if I want to add some diagram then it would be nice to add it to the most proper place, not only to the end. Maybe it is possible to implement it adding the rows of buttons where the only edit button presents now.

Also it would be good to have the possibility to use diagrams in comments, for example, for more convenient joint analyses.
Ando Meritee2008-02-07 22:41:12
To Yuriy: The first lose focus problem may be related to renlib applet that tries to steal the focus during auto-load. I will check it.
The 2nd thing you mentioned has already been implemented from the beginning. You can mix your diagrams with texts easily already now. I did not find any problems with it. Type first part of the text that comes before first diagram, then press submit. then add a diagram, then add next part of text, etc.
Ando Meritee2008-02-07 22:43:53
.. and I think your idea of allowing diagrams in comments will be also implemented in the near future. The database is already supporting this option in fact. Just that the php needs an additional feature for that.

Good luck!
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-07 23:43:40
Ando, yes, I see that I can mix the order as I want when I input the text but I don't see how I can edit this order. Suppose that I want to edit my topic adding a new diagram to a specific place. For example, it I have missed some important variant in analyses and somebody pointed me at this. Then I want to add a diagram to a specific place. Now I don't see how to do this excepting to re-input all topic.
Ando Meritee2008-02-08 09:07:53
I can try to add an option later by which the added sections' order can be changed.
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-08 10:48:12
Thank you. I believe that interactive analyses are very important.
Olga Skuridina2008-02-08 18:37:20
Hey! :)
This is a great idea with a blog place for all renju players. Well done!
But there are some small things I miss. For example, it would be nice to see the comments to an entry together with the entry and also be able to see the entry while writing a comment to it.
Olga2008-02-08 19:43:50
...And also to avoid repeated comments that come due to updating the page right after posting a comment... :)
Ando Meritee2008-02-08 21:42:22
Showing the posting while writing a reply, maybe reasonable. :) However, showing posting together with all comments, this is a very rare type of blog, not a common practice, because it might just make pages load slowly if there are many comments and the article itself is long, too. About avoiding multiple postings, such thing usually happens when the user presses submit button more than once (for example the server did not respond fast enough or slow traffic and user clicked again the same button). I have not met any other situation yet. Maybe I can make the submit button become disabled after it has been clicked once. How about it?
I can start doing all these changes when I return from trip 3 days later.

Good luck with using the blog! :) I will also start using the blog actively when I return.
Ando Meritee2008-02-08 21:50:01
Maybe its possible to display recent couple of comments under the article, as done in several blog systems. And with read comments button the user can read all the comments.
Ando Meritee2008-02-08 21:53:13
And of course, I will be more eager to do all these changes when I see there is a real activity in blog system and more people write something. :)
Ando Meritee2008-02-12 01:59:58
I made some improvements in design already, and added some small features like the counter of comments in the list of "Recent Comments To". Also, the bloggers can see the total number of hits in their blog when they log in.

I also made some preparations for making the sorting option for Edit area, but I did not have time to finish it tonight yet.

The "Write Comment" button was also added to the end of the comments list.
Ando Meritee2008-02-12 22:24:09
I just now completed the function of sorting the elements of a topic in Edit mode, as requested by Yuriy. I hope it is helpful.
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-12 23:23:54
Thank you, Ando. I have checked, it works. The only remark is that it's impossible to move the first part of a topic. However, this is not very important.

Also, I think it will be helpful to make a link to blogs from the top columns menu. In fact, now the direct link to blogs there is only from the index page but the index page is unattainable by links itself!
Ando Meritee2008-02-12 23:28:53
Yes, I will make the link to Blog from other places soon, such as Media menu, etc. Thanks for reminding.

About the top part of text not movable - it is purposely designed this way, not a mistake. Every topic in blog has to start with a text. That is the principle of the blog system, to allow the user's list of topics with brief intro look nice.

It is always possible to add more text into the first text edit box by typing or copy-paste. I cannot think of any theoretical reason why the top item should ever be moved.
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-12 23:32:13
I agree.
Ando Meritee2008-02-13 00:28:56
Now I have added the link to Blog system from both Media and People menus of Renjunet website. Under "People -> More" menu there is even a description of the Blog system.

Among the next things that I will try deal with is the option of changing password, and the focus stealing problem by the renju diagram applet.

Please spread the news about the Blog system. It will be so much more fun when more people start writing here. :)
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-13 01:33:34
Also, I think,  it would be proper to allow bloggers to edit their own profile.

Today I have invited already to write here in some Russian Renju forum. It can be the problem that some Russians are not good in English. I have recognized that in general it is possible to write here even in Russian. What do you think, is it reasonably to mention that it is possible to write here in Russian  or it will be a bad style?
Ando Meritee2008-02-13 01:53:28
The idea of allowing users modify their own profile page is good. I put it in my to do list and try to implement it in the near future.

About using different languages, I have thought of it several times already, but still not sure what is best. Maybe we can ask more people about their opinion in this matter. On one hand, using own language encourages the people to write more and the blog society could be more active because there would be no pressure from using foreign languages, but on the other hand it may discourage other readers who do not understand that language, and it might also become more difficult for them to search for the topics that they can actually understand (imagine top 10 of recent or popular topics be all in strange language). Furthermore, some people might feel rejected seeing an active and happy discussion in the language they do not understand.

So there are both advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps we should open a separate topic to discuss this, so that this important issue could get more attention?
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-19 08:06:48
I would like to make a suggestion for the blog system. I would really like to receive an email when my article is commented. I would actually prefer this to be default for my postings.. This function would probably encourage more discussion here.
Ando Meritee2008-02-22 02:02:03
Also, have made 2 minor changes in Diagram system too:

1. I fixed the bug by which the diagram editor jumped to 3rd move at the start.
2. I added the convenient option, by which, whenever adding more than one diagram into your topic or comment, then every next diagram's editor mode will auto-load previous diagram's stones as a template, thereby allowing conveniently to make small changes from there, rather than re-insterting the long variant again.
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-23 03:29:34
Now I cannot edit the top part of my topic. I make changes in edit window, push "Edit" but the text is not changing. As I remember, earlier it was possible to edit it. Also now I can edit another (not top) parts of my text.
Ando Meritee2008-02-23 12:29:06
Oh, it was a bug in system that "didn't like" quote marks in title, and so the title with quote marks did not re-appear in the title box whenever opened edit mode. As a result, system didn't let make any changes with missing title. I fixed it. Sorry about the bug.
Ando Meritee2008-02-23 15:41:36
Yuriy, you have done an excellent job with your dictionary! You can also use the formatting tags in your article (more explained in Help), for example making the subtitles, such as "Direct 1" to be in bigger size and different color than normal text. It will be easier then for readers to find the wanted opening in your dictionary. What do you think?
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-23 15:56:26
Ando, maybe later. It's really hard to edit even some letters because of a losing focus with such many diagrams.
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-02-23 17:04:18
Maybe it will be more easy (for the implementation and for an editor) to open edit text window in a separate page?
Ando Meritee2008-02-23 20:52:40
I sent an email to Frank Arkbo with that question, lets see if the focus problem can be solved by adjusting the renlib applet. If not, then I will try to re-organize the Edit page, so that the texts and diagram are not on same page during editing.
Frank Arkbo2008-02-23 23:06:07
Hello All,

I received an e-mail from Ando and a description about the lost focus problem using the RenLib applet.

I will investigate next week when I am back home again - vacation this week - and will let you know as soon I know more about the reason of the problem.

Frank Arkbo - author of RenLib and RenLib applet

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