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Ando's Wedding Photo Album2009-05-04   English   Renju9570  19   
Happy New Year :D2008-12-31   English   Renju3479  0   
Asian Championship forgotten?2008-10-20   English   Renju4449  2   
Title championship videos available2008-10-08   English   Renju3686  0   
Youth World Championship 20082008-07-22   English   Renju5054  0   
The Sichuan earthquake2008-05-15   English   Social3572  0   
Encouraging the young players to join YWC2008-05-14   English   Renju3848  1   
My favorite songs2008-05-06   English   Art4050  1   
The old recording tradition overturned2008-04-30   English   Renju3489  6   
Ando's TWC Comments2008-04-28   English   Renju7440  11   
I went to the Yang Ming Shan mountain2008-04-27   English   Travel4006  4   
RenjuNet maintenance information2008-04-25   English   Renju4119  0   
Chinese team's visa problem2008-04-24   English   Renju3672  7   
An introduction of Taraguchi rule2008-04-22   English   Renju4834  2   
My little gomoku program2008-04-14   English   Renju4268  4   
Interesting balance of RIF rules games2008-04-06   English   Renju3481  1   
Upgraded Renlib java applet2008-03-19   English   Renju3519  0   
The XML format of RenjuNet database2008-03-17   English   Renju3850  12   
Hackers and renju databases2008-03-16   English   Renju4761  14   
The teams of 5 people2008-03-15   English   Renju10203  24   
The world ranking of renju websites2008-03-07   English   Renju13400  35   
How should correspondence WC continue?2008-03-05   English   Renju3667  25   
The Changes of Renjunet and Blog System2008-03-05   English   Renju3475  10   
The history of d11 opening - past 20 years2008-02-20   English   Renju10351  9   
My 20 years of playing renju!2008-02-18   English   Renju6235  3   
My Chinese lessons in Taipei2008-02-14   English   Fun4953  8   
About the books that I am writing2008-02-13   English   Renju3766  0   
My experience with Go game2008-02-12   English   Renju3952  4   
My old analysis of i3 opening 2008-02-09   English   Renju3542  0   
How to become a blogger?2008-02-04   English   Renju4454  31   

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